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Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pizza Bag


If the most important piece of equipment in a pizzeria is the oven, the pizza bag is certainly the second most important. Don’t allow yourself to overlook the impact a pizza bag can have on your business. The oven makes the pizza, but the pizza bag keeps it fresh. We rounded up the Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pizza Bag:

  1. Heat Retention and Moisture Control

Every pizza delivery customer wants to open their pizza box to find a piping hot pizza. To keep your pizza hot and fresh from the oven to the customer’s hands, an efficient pizza bag is key. Look for pizza bags that promise both heat retention and moisture control. No one wants a soggy pizza. Nylon fabrics are breathable enough to control odors and moisture, without sacrificing the temperature of your pizza.

  1. GBPP518 Black with boxs 2Variety

Having multiple sizes of pizza bags will allow you to be prepared for both small and large orders. When using larger pizza bags, orders with breadsticks and wings fit comfortably on top of pizza boxes to ensure orders are complete and accurate each time.

  1. Easy to Clean

Choose a pizza bag with a machine washable fabric. Kitchens get messy, make it easy to keep your pizza bag looking as fresh as the pizza you put in it. Nylon fabrics are often stain resistant and easy to throw in a washing machine. The water-resistant nature of nylon will also you’re your pizza boxes safe during inclement weather or accidental spills.

  1. Secure Closure

A hook-and-loop fastener ensures your bag will be securely closed without being hard to open. Some pizza bags feature zipper closures, but zippers commonly break with overuse and are easily left gaping open. Once you connect the fabric strip on the flap to the top of the bag, it is safe and secure.

  1. GBP216521 alt 2Plastic Pouch for Receipts

There will always be a customer who wants pizza—rain or shine. Choose a pizza bag with a large plastic pouch on the front to keep receipts and coupons dry and organized. Drivers will have no problem keeping track of their deliveries, and each customer will receive the correct order.

Produced in a variety of sizes, Cambro Standard Pizza Bags and Premium Pizza Bags are built with sturdy nylon fabrics with sewn-in straps to prevent rips and tears. The breathable material suppresses moisture and odors and keeps food hot during transportation.

Contact your local Cambro representative for more information or find the right pizza bag for your business with our Pizza GoBag Selector!


About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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