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Shelving Showdown: Solid vs. Vented Shelf Plates

Basics Plus Cooler Location 27Foodservice operators have many options when it comes to Camshelving: mobile or stationary; Premium, Elements or Basics Plus series; solid or vented shelf plates; and many more. When it comes to shelf plates, the industry default seems to be vented, but it’s worthwhile to take a moment to consider if that really is the best option for your storage needs.

Here is our quick guide to choosing vented vs. solid shelf plates.

Vented Shelf Plates:

  • Help promote air circulation, which is important for keeping perishable items fresh in coolers and freezers.
  • Provide visibility to make it easier to take inventory of shelf contents.

Camshelving Taking Apart_v2

Solid Shelf Plates:

  • Keep narrow items, such as spices or condiment bottles, upright during storage.
  • Are better for storing china or serving items with legs, such as chafing dishes.
  • In healthcare settings, solid bottom shelves are often required by health inspectors, because they protect shelf contents against splashes from mops.
  • Keep linens and towels smooth and flat during storage, eliminating creases and wrinkles.
  • Solid shelves are easier to quickly wipe clean, plus they prevent spills or drips from spreading onto lower shelves.

Vented + Solid Shelf Plates:

  • Some Camshelving units feature a solid bottom shelf and vented shelves for the rest.
  • The health department trend of solid bottoms that started in healthcare is now spreading to the rest of the commercial market.

Basics Plus Cooler Location 7

When you use the right mix of vented and solid shelf plates, you’ll know that your shelf contents are protected and the freshness of your food is maximized.

Your local Cambro rep can help you decide if vented or solid shelf plates are right for you, depending on what you are storing and in what environment. Contact your local sales rep today.


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