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If there’s one thing you can count on to change in foodservice, it’s the menu. The second thing you can count on changing is the dinnerware. Menu items will drive dinnerware selections. Plus industry trends in shapes, materials and colors will also influence dinnerware choices.

The one constant is that no matter the size or shape, these dishes need to be stored properly to avoid expensive breakage, such as chips and dings. A proper fitting dish caddy is the best solution to storing and transporting plates. Dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, chargers … so many types of plates to store! An adjustable dish caddy that can be configured to fit various sized items in the same caddy is a space-saving and time-saving solution.

Why an Adjustable Dish Caddy?

“The ultimate feature of any kitchen is functionality and multi-use. If you can use the same dish caddy for four different plates, then you’re a winner,” says Ben LaFleche, Executive Chef at The Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton Hotel. Other attractive qualities are the durability and ease of maneuverability. A multi-use dish caddy will save the operator time, space and money.

Why is Cambro S-Series Adjustable Dish Caddy the Right Choice?

While there are many dish caddy options in the market, Cambro’s S-Series Adjustable Dish Caddy is the one that offers the attributes every foodservice operator looks for. The S-Series fits multiple dish combinations—from 4 ¾” to the standard entree plate size of 13″ diameter. The column towers are easy to adjust to set up for four or six columns of dishes. Additionally, the lightweight body makes it easy for the staff to maneuver the unit in the kitchen.

“That’s why I love Cambro dish caddies, the s-series, the one that can morph in a bunch of different patterns. I can have all the different plates I need for one banquet in one caddy!” adds LaFleche.

ADCS110Additional Features

  • Durable, with superior strength and 500-lb. load capacity
  • Front 5″ (12,7 cm) swivel casters with brake and 10″ (25,4 cm)
  • Rear big wheels offer smooth transporting
  • Molded-in handles on each end ease maneuvering
  • Vinyl cover included for sanitary storage
  • NSF listed

In recent years, the plate industry has expanded its parameters to non-traditional sizes, while the dish caddy capabilities have remained the same with a few exceptions. Having a multi-use dish caddy offers operators a single solution for storing virtually any size plate.

Find the right dish caddy for your operation with Cambro’s easy to use Dish Caddy Selector. For more information on Cambro Dish Caddies contact your local Cambro Representative or view Cambro’s selection of Dish Caddies.

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