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Healthcare Foodservice: Deliver Cold Meals Fresh with Camchiller® Pellets

MDSPC9 Camchiller Pellet on Tray

In response to the growing patient demand for healthier food options, many hospitals are now offering more variety of cold entrees such as salads, sandwiches, wraps and other items such as pastas and fresh fruits. As we all know, cold foods taste best when served cold. But when ordering a plate of salad from a hospital bed, a crunchy bite of lettuce is not always guaranteed, especially when cold and hot meals sits in the same cart for 30 minutes before delivered to the patient.

To make sure of delivering cold meals at optimal temperatures and keeping patients satisfied, Cambro offers the Camchiller® — the solution for keeping cold meals chilled and appetizing up until delivery.

Cambro’s Camchiller Pellet keeps cold foods chilled (40°F or below) for up to 45 minutes. It’s lightweight and stackable and can be used with or without an underliner.

It’s a simple and affordable solution for keeping patients satisfied.

  • Freeze for two hours prior to each meal service.
  • Shatter-resistant at freezing temperature.
  • Fits 9” plate, Cambro 9” plate cover and insulated dome.
  • High-temperature dishwasher safe.
  • NSF listed.

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About the Author: Maria Hashemi is the Marketing Manager for Healthcare. To see more posts related to Healthcare solutions, click here.

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