High Density Camshelving Explained

The term HD is commonly known to mean high definition video, but in the world of foodservice, HD means high density shelving. High density (HD) shelving is a lot of shelving in a small space to give you maximum storage capacity. But how does that work? Check out our video below to see Camshelving® Premium HD Shelving in action.

How Does High Density Camshelving® Work?

  •   Two stationary end units anchor the raised floor track.
  • No bolts, glue or drilling required – the floor track lies flat on the ground.
  • HD mobile units sit between the stationary units.
  • Grooved casters roll easily and securely on the raised track.
  • Active aisle of 36” gives access to product on shelves.
  • Storage capacity is increased by up to 50% with HD shelving.

Contact your local Cambro representative to find out if High Density Camshelving is right for you, or visit www.cambro.com/camshelving to see more shelving videos and layouts.

About the Author: Annamaria Barajas is the Associate Marketing Manager for Shelving. For more posts related to Cambro Camshelving, click here.

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