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mwvWho would know better than a veteran himself about the struggles of fellow veterans? With the mission to fight against hunger and the vision to eliminate food waste, Darrell Lynch, a former United States Air Force service member with his wife Dwanna, started the non-profit Men with Vision Foundation to feed the hungry veterans living in the Westminster community, located in Orange County, CA.

They soon realized that food wasn’t scarce only to the veterans. There was a whole community in need—from a variety of demographics.

Today, after nearly 3 years, the Men with Vision Foundation hosts a series of yearly events to help reduce hunger. From bi-weekly Farmers Markets to annual events such as Thanksgiving Dinner and Fundraising Dinners to Christmas Dinners and Toy giveaways—bridging the gap for veterans, seniors, low income families and the homeless is the number one priority for Men with Vision Foundation.

“One of things we want people to know is that the food banks do not give us the foods for free. There is such a large misconception. So making sure that we have enough donors to feed the community is one challenge and finding volunteers to help us distribute is another, “says Darrell.

“Food is such a basic survival need but we hope in 5 years we will be able to provide beyond that—to cover other needs such as medical, psychological, educational and career path, “added Darrell.

Recently, Cambro volunteers had the opportunity to participate in the Farmers Market.

Here is a look at the facility and volunteer efforts:

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