Brand and Profit with Reusable Kid Cups

open-signFor many start-up restaurants, costs can seem like never-ending waves against the shore. The median amount needed to just open a restaurant is $275,000. While the initial investment for opening a restaurant may be eye-opening, ongoing monthly operating costs can add up to quickly to turn a successful venture into a challenging one.

Disposables are one area where many restaurants are looking at to keep monthly costs down. Replacing fragile, disposable kid cups that are good for only one-time use with durable reusable kid cups is an easy solution. Going the reusable route will generate substantial savings year after year while reducing environmental waste.kidcups1

Cambro reusable kid cups can also be personalized with fun designs for kids or a logo to boost branding. This simple change will positively impact the environment and of course your bottom line. This one switch can allow operators to shift those funds to other areas of the business.

As a proud business owner with high expectations for your business’s future, there are a few things you can’t take chances on. The good news is you don’t have to. Cambro Kid Cups is an affordable solution that helps operators maximizing cost savings and functionality.

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About the Author: Maria Hashemi is the Marketing Manager for the Table Service product category. To see more posts related to tumblers, click here.

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