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Cambro’s Business of the Week: Anna’s Pizza and Pasta

annalogoWhen Brian Weavel, President of Anna’s Pizza and Pasta, says that they “stay VERY active in our community,” he is not exaggerating. Have a quick look at any number of social media platforms they participate in and you can quickly see how they’ve become a pillar of their Winnebago, Illinois community. From participating in nationwide fundraisers for non-profit organizations to sharing family experiences (The Fonz wishing Brian’s wife a Happy Birthday) to skillfully sprinkling in mentions of great offers and pizza inspiration, Brian has maneuvered Anna’s to gain it’s fair share of attention and success.

Brian shares some insight into his business and background as our Cambro Foodservice Business of the Week selection.

What inspired you to get into the foodservice industry?

I started making pizza when I was 16 and now I am 47. It was something “In my blood” at an early age and it never left!

What do you love about your business?

business_of_the_yearI love the interaction with customers, knowing that pizza makes EVERYBODY happy! We have been very fortunate as a small business over the last 21 years. Just this year Anna’s was chosen: Best Pizza in the Rockford Area, Winnebago Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year, Recipient of Ahman Green( Green Bay Packers) Foundation Compassion Award, Best Boss (Rockford Register Star), Best Corporate Culture…We stay VERY active in our community!

What’s the most interesting/oddest/coolest thing to happen to your business?

The Coolest thing was being chosen as Pizza Today Magazine, Guest Editor-In-Chief. We are a small pizzeria in a small town and we were chosen to write and edited an entire magazine. This also led to being a Pizza Judge at the International Pizza Expo.

What was the biggest business challenge you overcame?


The biggest challenge was getting through the years when our economy nearly collapsed (2008-2010). Money was tight for everyone.

What Cambro products help make your business work?

Having some catering transport carriers has been so helpful. Also, the amazing shelving.

We wish Brian and the entire Anna’s Pizza and Pasta team continued success! As the Cambro Foodservice Business of the Week selection, Brian will receive a storage prize pack.

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