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As Food Temps Go So Do Patient Satisfaction Scores

Over 45% of US hospitals offer hotel-style room service to their patients. One of the benefits of room service is the flexibility of ordering meals beyond the typical dining hours which in turn can help with higher patient satisfaction scores.

However, many hospitals still rely on existing trayline heating solutions to work in a room service environment. Frequently, this results in a failure to deliver hot foods hot and remains a top reason for low Press Ganey scores related to foodservice and food waste hospitals can’t afford to have. A robust heating system that is as flexible as your room service program is necessary for meeting custom demands.

cambro base roomservice 1Facilities that use a multi-base heating system such as Cambro’s Camduction Heating System are experiencing higher patient satisfaction and less food waste than those using single heating systems.

After linking their food waste to temperature retention issues, Heritage Operation Group in Illinois decided to switch from one-at-the-time heating system to Cambro’s Camduction Complete Heat System.

“Since we switched to Camduction, we have noticed higher patient satisfaction and reduction in food waste,” says Debra Miller, VP of Dietary.

Unlike the one-at-a-time heating systems, Camduction gives operators the flexibility to heat up to 20 bases at once within minutes or scale down to as few bases as needed, making it the ideal system for the peaks and valleys of room service.

Reliability is another benefit that cannot be overlooked. camduction actual shotRegardless the frequency or the number of orders that come in, with the Camduction system there will always be a hot base ready without the risk of delays or food safety due to electrical issues.

“With our previous heating unit, it only took the unit to go down once and there was no way to get the heat back up again. But then we were introduced to Cambro’s Camduction. With the Camduction, if one unit went down, we still had 19 to work with,” adds Debra.

The lack of ideal food temperature is the main complaint from patient in healthcare foodservice. Foodservice directors can combat this challenge and achieve higher patient satisfaction by serving hot foods hot when using a reliable and robust heating system.

Reach out to your local Cambro Healthcare Specialist for  more information about the Camduction Complete Heat System.

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