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Drought Reaches the Restaurant Dining Room

waterShortageFor the past few years, California has been facing a steadily worsening drought. Current estimates show the reservoir levels registering around 60% full. Water tables are lowering every year, since the input cannot match the output. The lack of rainfall is not selective, and it is affecting all parts of the state, from Redding in Northern California all the way to Southern California in cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. So what does this mean for the restaurant dining room?

Water Restrictions in Place

Residents and businesses have been ordered to reduce their water usage by 20% on a daily and weekly basis. There are severe restrictions on water consumption, including its use for washing cars, cleaning sidewalks and driveways, landscape and lawn watering, and a host of other uses. Violators of these restrictions face hefty fines, up to $500, and possible water shutoff if the issues are not remedied. Farmers are also caught up in various water restrictions that limit their water usage when growing crops and raising livestock.

Restaurants and the Drought

The restaurant and hospitality industry is tied intimately to water. To provide a clean, safe environment for patrons, water is required for washing dishes and keeping prep areas, dining areas and bathrooms immaculate. Water has long been provided with each meal in place of, or in addition to, a prepared beverage.

With the March 2015 renewal of the Emergency Conservation Regulations order, set forth by the State Water Resources Control Board, several important plans go into action. Restaurants and service businesses are prohibited from placing a glass of water before patrons unless they verbally requested the glass. In addition, restaurants must take stronger measures to reduce water usage in their daily operations. These include updating plumbing and appliances to more water-efficient models and installing spray valves for washing dishes.

Achieving the Restaurant Water Rules

Signs posted around the restaurant inform patrons of the change to water requests. Camracks_Restaurant_SaveWater_CambroBlogSigns placed at the tables themselves serve as helpful reminders. Once staff members and customers understand the new rules, it will be an easy process to maintain.

Changes to dish-washing usage require action. Cambro Warewashing 4-in-1 System products provide effective solutions for restaurants and businesses of all sizes, since they eliminate the need to rewash dirty glassware. Cambro Camrack® Glass Racks are ideal for glassware ranging from delicate stemware to robust tumblers. Solid polypropylene compartments are designed to provide outstanding water circulation, drying space, transportation and storage abilities. Covered with a matching lid, clean glassware will be secure from dust and other contaminants. Cambro Warewashing products effectively cut down on electricity, water and labor requirements, and they blend seamlessly with posted state water regulations. Contact a Cambro representative to learn more about water conservation products for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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