Time and Temperature Consultation Offer for Healthcare Operators

The primary goal of every healthcare meal delivery program is to keep foods at safe temperatures, from plating to time of service. Your patients expect nothing less, nor should you. The foundation to a safe and successful meal delivery begins with Hot Food, a Hot Plate and a Hot Base; each component equally important. As part of our StoreSafe program, we offer healthcare foodservice operators StoreSafe Time and Temperature Consultations as a way to help improve meal quality and enhance patient satisfaction scores.

How does it work?

Evaluating the current protocol helps to identify areas that call for improvement. By measuring and documenting the temperatures of your present meal delivery process, beginning with the food, to the equipment, plating to transportation time, our consultants will be able to provide feedback based on the assessment. Your staff members will be trained to effectively conduct future time and temperature assessments that will help maximize heat retention throughout every step of the process and deliver meals at optimal quality.

The Time and Temperature Consultation is provided free of charge to all healthcare foodservice operators.


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