Time to Come Clean About Cleaning

Every operation where food is served should have a cleaning schedule to make sure all equipment and storage areas are cleaned and inspected regularly. An important part of this schedule should include the routine cleaning and sanitation of storage equipment in walk-in coolers, dry-storage and supply storage areas – essential spaces that frequently come into contact with food.

The sanitation of these key areas can have a huge effect on the health and safety of your guests and employees. Food contamination can result in unwanted product flavors and cross contamination, chemical build-up and pathogens which can lead to foodborne illness.

Typically cleaning of storage equipment is scheduled once per week, during off-peak hours to avoid interruption of staff working in these areas. Once a week is all the time that operators can set aside to clean storage areas as this is often a very laborious task.

Cleaning of Storage Areas includes:

  • Thorough scrubbing, wiping and drying of shelving surfaces.
  • Sweeping and mopping difficult-to-reach areas.
  • More importantly, the proper training of employees on safe cleaning practices so that chemicals never come into contact with food.

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What if we told you, that you could clean your storage areas on a daily basis without interruptingĀ  your business or needing additional labor?

Camshelving is designed to make this possible for you!

Hereā€™s how:

  • Shelf plates are easy to remove and sanitize by simply running them through the dishwasher. No more manual scrubbing.
  • Bottom shelf plates can be removed to sweep and mop hard-to-reach areas without having to move shelving units or pay extra for mobile shelving units. (Now would be a good time to point out that shelving units with casters actually reduce the overall weight bearing capacity.)
  • Having removable shelf plates reduces the risk of chemicals contaminating the food. Shelf plates are removed, transported to a designated warewashing area and sanitized away from food.

Now you can schedule cleaning of your shelving equipment in sections without interrupting storage space. The idea is to maintain sanitation by implementing a systematic cleaning process as part of the daily cleaning routine.


Your kitchen should be set up for maximum labor efficiency, food safety and functionality no matter the size of your operation. Simplify your cleaning schedule installing Camshelving in your operation!

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