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Spotlight on Patient Satisfaction Means Better Hospital Food

Cambro NonSkid Room Service TrayNow that patient satisfaction scores affect the amount of Medicare reimbursement for hospitals, part of the federal health care law known as Obamacare, there is a renewed focus on making sure that food quality and hospitality are taken seriously.

The Economics

Hospitals can also save thousands of dollars each year by letting patients order meals room-service style which reduces food waste. In addition to better patient satisfaction scores an increase in food quality can boost on-site cafeterias.

At UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill, NC food costs at the hospital fell by $400,000 in the first year of its “Restaurant Delivery” system because items not served to patients during peak meal periods are sent to hospital cafeterias to avoid waste. – Kaiser Health News

Delivering Patient Satisfaction

Cambro Healthcare has a full room service offering: temperature retention system, meal delivery ware, room service trays, personal size pitcher for water and the new 10-Tray Meal Delivery Cart.Β  The 10-tray meal delivery cart is ideal for room service operations and small facilities. The self-venting door and louver on the back of the cart provide air circulation throughout the cart to optimize food quality during transportation.

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