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The Recipe to a Perfect Showroom Display

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Earlier this week we saw how having a complete storage system helped Country Clean in New Jersey. It’s time to learn how having a Cambro system in your showroom could help you promote food safety while driving more sales.

Reinventing your showroom with a complete Cambro Storage Display will encourage your customers to learn more about products that help improve efficiencies in their operation while supporting food safety practices.

The goal is to create conversation through your unique shelving and storage display that will allow your customer to visualize what the system is going to look like in their operation.

See It In Action!

Click on the Click here for info in the image below to view the product details of some of the products that could be in your display!

StoreSafe Labels Ingredient Bins Pizza Dough Box Colander Kits Square Containers Round Containers High Heat Food Pans Food Pans Shelving Image Map

Here are some of the products we recommend for an effective and impactful showroom display!

Shelving Storage Containers Food Pans and Lids
 Cambro Shelving  Cambro Storage Containers  Cambro Food Pans
Removable shelf plates can be run through the dishwasher. Store product in clear containers with tight fitting lids to minimize handling and reduce risk of contamination. Lids on all food storage containers are essential for food safety. Keeps food fresh longer than using plastic wrap.
Food Boxes Grip Lids High Heat Pans
 Cambro Food Box  Cambro GripLids  Cambro High heat Food Pans
Protect contents from cross‑contamination caused by spills and leaking cartons. Juices stay in the box with raw meat and away from produce and ready‑to‑eat foods. Lid “grips” the side of the food pan to provide superior spill resistance and reduce contamination. Reduce handling and the risk of contamination with one pan that can go from prep to cooler to oven to steam table.
Colander Kit Food Rotation Labels Ingredient Bins
Cambro Colander Kit Cambro StoreSafe Food Rotation Labels Cambro Ingredient Bins
Ideal for prepped produce, storing seafood on ice and defrosting meats.Juices and liquids drip into the food box below for quick and easy disposal. Cover, label and date all food storage containers using dissolvable labels. Reduces the risk of harmful bacteria on sticky label residue. Ensures freshness and reduces mold while keeping pests out.

Interested in setting up one of these engaging and eye-catching displays in your showroom? Email us or your local Cambro representative to help with custom display ideas for your individual space and marketplace!

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