Revolutionize Your Kitchen Storage with the Camshelving Pegboard – The Chef’s Space-Saving Solution

Professional chefs know the importance of having an organized kitchen. It’s more than just aesthetics – it’s about efficiency and safety. Fumbling around for utensils or ingredients can lead to prolonged cook times, burned food and even accidents. Enter the Camshelving® Pegboard Storage System– the first NSF-listed plastic pegboard that replaces unhygienic and unorganized storage practices.

“This was a big improvement for us. Everyone hated digging around for stuff with our old system. The flow of the kitchen is better because the utensils are right there and very organized. It’s so much easier now,” said Nutrition Operations Manager Lynna Sparbel with Allina Healthcare.


Although the pegboard was designed to be secured to the side of a Camshelving unit, Sparbel wanted to mount hers on the wall increase their storage space on a typically overlooked surface. 

“We got rid of a clunky mobile rack, a bunch of bus tubs, and unused utensils that were taking up space. For us, because our pegboards are mounted on the wall, we are now using space that we weren’t using before. And we have space under the pegboard for low carts and stuff,” said Sparbel.


The Camshelving Pegboard not only creates more space but also provides a cleaner look. The messy bins and racks of the past are replaced with sleek hooks that hold up to 15 lbs. each, making it easier for her staff to find the items they need.

“I was pleasantly surprised how well—and how easy—the hooks attach with the screws. I was kind of worried the hooks would fall off, but they don’t!” said Sparbel.

The customizable nature of the Camshelving Pegboard allows for chefs to fine-tune their kitchen storage to fit their specific needs. From spatulas to measuring cups – a wide variety of kitchen items can be accommodated with the pegboard’s flexibility.

Contact your local Cambro rep to find the best way to implement the Camshelving Pegboard in your kitchen.


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