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Flexibility at its Finest: The Many Uses of the Flex Station

When you look up the word “flexibility” in the dictionary you find three descriptions:

  • The quality of bending easily without breaking
  • The ability to be easily modified
  • Willingness to change or compromise

The Camshelving® Premium Series Flex Station encapsulates all three of these valuable qualities. The Flex Station is constructed with Camshelving Premium Series, which is made of lightweight composite plastic wrapped around a steel core. The result is an extremely durable and completely rust-free unit that can be moved through hallways, into elevators and across campus. The Flex Station can be customized with Divider BarsCamwear Food Pans®Camwear Boxes and solid or vented shelves for endless possibilities. Check out just a few of the ways to use our versatile Flex Station:

1. Grab-N-Go Meals

Students only have so much time before school starts and during lunch—and they’d like to spend most of their free time hanging out with their friends! The Flex Station allows you to quickly serve breakfast and lunch in high traffic areas like hallways and student drop offs to maximize participation.

Concord Elementary School purchased their Flex Stations when they wanted to create a Breakfast in the Hallway program. After implementation, they increased their participation by 200%.

“Prior to the program, many students avoided the cafeteria, so they just didn’t eat. Now, we are able to engage more students in eating breakfast because it is easy to access, the teachers and other students encourage one another to eat, it is free, plus they can easily see the options available to them. Not to mention, our food service team is incredible and engages every student. I cannot think of a better way to start the day!” said Rebecca Hutchinson, Superintendent.

If you need to keep food cold, simply add a Camchiller to the bottom of a Camwear box. If you need to keep food hot, insulated Cam GoBoxes® can hold safe temperatures for up to 4 hours.

2. Art Supplies

Cambro products aren’t just for the kitchen! For schools coping with costs and balancing changing menus, the Flex Station has come in handy for teachers too. A local teacher needed a straightforward way to transport, store, and showcase art supplies for crafts and during art class. As her school returned to normal learning and meal distribution, she noticed a Flex Station that wasn’t being used by the foodservice staff and immediately envisioned an easy-to-wheel portable art cabinet. 

The teacher loaded up the Flex Station’s Camwear Boxes with art supplies like paint, paintbrushes, colored pencils and watercolors and easily adjust the shelves to suit their needs. This solution allowed the teacher to get exactly what they needed without any extra costs to the school.

3. Snacks

If you’re looking to feature more fresh, local fruits and vegetables for students to snack on, the Flex Station provides an easy-to-see display that moves students quickly through the line. If you have a farm to school program, encourage healthier eating while managing supply chain issues, food insecurity and demanding dietary requirements.

Windsor Public Schools Food Service Director Dana Plant purchased the Flex Station because it has a small footprint but still allowed students to easily see everything that is offered.

“The sales did increase with the use of the Flex Station because we are able to offer more variety and visibility of snacks,” said Plant.

4. Beverages

Customize your Flex Station with Divider Bars, Camwear Boxes and Camchillers to safely offer beverages like smoothies and juice anywhere. Clear Camwear Boxes make it easy for students to see which drinks are available and Camchillers keep them cold for hours.

Contact your local Cambro rep today to find out what the Flex Station can do for you!


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