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7 Reasons Foodservice Pros Love Cambro

Love is a strong word but foodservice professionals find it easy to use when they’re describing their feelings about Cambro products. If you work in foodservice, you know that having a passion for a plastic container is not only normal but very understandable. We’re also here to tell you that the feeling is mutual. We love how much you love your Cambro products! We talked to a variety of foodservice professionals who work in restaurants, schools, bakeries, convenience stores and more about what makes their Cambro products so special.

1. Reliability

Pop Goes the Waffle makes authentic Liège waffles, which combines pearl sugar with a brioche-style dough to make a waffle with built-in sweetness. In order to make all of their delicious waffles, Pop Goes the Waffle needs to keep their ingredients safe and fresh.

“Cambro products are a huge part of our production process. We batch our waffle mix in the Rounds and we batch our pearl sugar in the CamSquares. We store our produce and toppings in Cambro products in the fridge. Cambro products never let us down!” said Sara Fludd, owner of Pop Goes the Waffle.

Cambro storage containers have been trusted by foodservice professionals for decades. Made with virtually unbreakable materials that resist high volume wear and tear, Cambro storage containers are stain, acid, and odor resistant.

2. Increased Efficiency


Cambro products are designed to help foodservice professionals work smarter so they can work harder elsewhere. The nutrition services department at Milwaukee Cities for Independence uses Cambro insulated transport units like front loading pan carriers and Cam GoBoxes® to deliver up to 28,000 meals per day.

“We really love Cambro products because they’re efficient and they’re long lasting,” said Cheron Copeland, Nutrition Education Coordinator at MFCI. “The really cool thing is if you see our equipment, we can take things right out of a combi oven and put it right into a hot box; it’s really efficient for us and for our partners.”

3. Trusted Durability

“I would describe them as pretty bulletproof. You’d have to go really out of your way to try and break a Cambro tray. I think they’re pretty indestructible,” said Brian Horgan, Head of Campus Food and Drink at Queen’s University Belfast.

For Cambro, it all started with a tray. More than 70 years later, we are still the leading manufacturer of trays around the world. The durability of our trays—and our thousands of other products—are the reason we changed our tagline to “Trusted Durability.” When you choose a Cambro tray, you know it will be able to handle the rigors the foodservice industry demands.

4. Superior Sales Reps

Cambro has quality products and quality people. Oftentimes, our incredible sales reps make as much of an impact as our products do.

Cambro reps at NAFEM

“One big thing that I think the reason why I’ve gotten so much [Cambro] and I’ve never even remotely cared to change is the level of service that we get from Dave Steinhardt. I put a lot on him. If I need something, he’ll get me a sample. He’s always been here,” said Andy Spink, R&D Chef and Food Buyer with Gate Petroleum Company.

Using their wealth of Cambro product knowledge and creative thinking, our sales reps are an invaluable resource to our customers. Click here to find your local Cambro sales rep.

5. Easy to Maneuver

Topeka High School is responsible for providing food for 10 locations. Most of the doorways in their building are narrow and the previous carts they used for meal transportation made it difficult for them to comfortably move around. After switching to Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carriers, Richard Smith, Food Nutrition Manager at Topeka High School, has noticed a huge difference. 

“[The Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carriers] fit in and out of the doorways…we love them, all of my drivers love them—from getting on and off the truck to going into the schools. They had nothing but rave reviews about them, made it much easier to transport,” said Smith.

In addition to being easy to maneuver, Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carriers can save up to 30% on energy costs versus other meal transportation carts.

6. Maintains Temperature

cakeTemperature maintenance is imperative when transporting food. Cambro insulated transport units are designed to maintain the ideal hot or cold temperatures for at least 4 hours.

“We love to use the Cambro GoBox! It helps us with deliveries to keep our desserts and cakes cold. It also helps us with our farmers markets in keeping items cool during hot summer days. We were able to travel with a 2-tiered cake 2.5 hours away in the 90-degree Texas heat, only to arrive with the cake still just as cold as when we first put it into the box!” said Karen DeGuzman, owner and cake designer at Butter Baby Bakery.

When a foodservice professional uses a Cambro insulated transport unit, they have a peace of mind knowing it will keep their food as fresh and safe as possible during transit.

7. Health Inspectors Love Us

If there’s someone you want on your side, it’s the health inspector. Lucky for you, Cambro and health inspectors go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sue Kurta, owner of Boss Mouse Cheese, trusts Camshelving so much that she ages her cheese right on the shelves.

“My health inspector loves our [Cambro] racks and we’ve recommended them to other cheesemakers because of the cleanability and they’re lightweight; we have to move them around sometimes and when there’s no cheese on them, I alone can pick one up,” said Kurta.

Michigan has very, very strict dairy laws and cheese caves have to adhere to a finite set of rules and regulations. Because of the humid environment cheese needs to age, using metal shelving isn’t realistic because it rusts very quickly and easily. However, Camshelving Premium Series is ideal because it designed to withstand even the harshest environments. Plus, it has a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

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