Breakfast in the Hallway Could Be the Answer to Your Participation Woes

Concordia School

In 2018, Concord Elementary School served an average of 80 breakfasts out of their cafeteria each day. Today, they serve more than 240 per day.

“The beginning of the school day is critical to student success. How students come into the building and begin learning can make or break an entire day. The Breakfast in the Hallway program has had an incredibly positive impact on the start of our day,” said Rebecca Hutchinson, Superintendent at Concord Community Schools in Concord, MI.

After the school purchased 3 Camshelving Premium Series® Flex Stations, they implemented a Breakfast in the Hallway program that had 3 key factors that inspired their success.

Meet Students Where They Are

Previously, students had to go to the cafeteria which was out of their way and out of sight.

“We know if we’re in their line traveling into the building in the morning, they’re more likely to get it if we’re right in front of them. The typical cafeteria setting was a challenge because we are out of the main pathway of them coming into the building,” said Alan Breneman, Director of Food Service at Concord Community Schools.

By guiding students into the hallways toward their classroom, the school has observed additional benefits like improved traffic flow and a decrease in behavioral problems.

“The program has improved flow and traffic in our hallways.  It allows the students to stream in at their own pace reducing congestion and excess noise while allowing them to be learning at an earlier time,” said Hutchinson.

“It’s really decreased our behavior issues that were happening in the morning because we had kids all over. Now, the kids stay in their own hallway with their own teachers and it’s been a huge win for us,” said Breneman.

Provide Encouragement

After being conveniently positioned in the hallway, foodservice employees are able to ask each student if they want breakfast as they pass by.

“Just that little prompting will sometimes do a lot for a kid, especially if they’re already a little nervous and they’ve never done it before,” said Breneman. “We’re able to build that rapport with them; we have the same person that does the same card every day, so the kids know who that person is and my staff gets to know them too.”


When students happen upon the brightly colored, customized Flex Stations, Breneman has ensured students know exactly what to expect.

“We did some branding with them and I like the commercial, clean appearance. It’s consistent for the kids. They know every day how those carts are organized,” said Breneman.

Breneman and his team organize the items in their Flex Stations the same each day so that kids can easily walk up, pick up their milk, hot entrée and fruit and get going to class.

“Prior to the program, many students avoided the cafeteria, so they just didn't eat. Now, we are able to engage more students in eating breakfast because it is easy to access, the teachers and other students encourage one another to eat, it is free, plus they can easily see the options available to them. Not to mention, our food service team is incredible and engages every student. I cannot think of a better way to start the day!”

Rebecca Hutchinson

The Flex Station was designed specifically with schools in mind. Constructed with Camshelving Premium Series materials, the Flex Station is lightweight and guaranteed against rust and corrosion. Customize your Flex Station with divider bars, shelves, food boxes or food pans to meet the needs of your school. Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get started today.


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