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Increase Sustainability in Your Kitchen with Cambro’s Reusable Deli Containers

Disposable deli containers have been a staple in nearly every foodservice kitchen for decades because of their size and convenience. There was never a legitimate alternative until now. CamSquares® FreshPro Translucents are the food industry’s first commercial grade ½ qt and 1 qt reusable deli containers.

Disposable deli containers exampleCamSquares FreshPro Translucent have the advantages of deli containers without the smells, stains, leftover grease and environmental concerns. Although most deli containers are designed for single-use, many restaurants and private chefs wash and reuse them. However, the lids of these single-use containers have grooves and indentations that can be difficult to clean. Plus, if the container has held anything greasy, you’ll likely have to wipe the inside with a paper towel—creating more waste—in order to sufficiently clean them.

Eventually, these single-use deli containers can become cracked, broken down and smelly. At that point, they end up in the trash. A chef at a hotel in Southern California told us he purchases an average of 1,200 deli containers per month; that means they are throwing away up to 14,400 single-use containers a year—equivalent to 1,060 pounds! With CamSquares FreshPro Translucent, you never have to throw away a single-use deli container again.

CamSquares FreshPro Translucent were created with these issues in mind. Not only is translucent material easy to clean, but it also withstands temperatures -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 70°C) and is acid, stain, and odors resistant. Similar to traditional deli containers, CamSquares FreshPro Translucent Easy Seal Covers fit both ½ qt and 1 qt containers to make it easy to find the right lid and go.

One of the coolest features of CamSquares FreshPro Translucent are that they can be personalized.

Choose CamSquares FreshPro Translucents for a sustainable, long-lasting improvement to your food storage system.

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