Cambro Debuts The Next Generation Of Food Storage

Cambro Manufacturing introduces CamSquares® FreshPro, a new and improved food storage system that takes freshness, food safety and efficiency to the next level. Using recessed handles, drain shelves and color-coding, CamSquares FreshPro are modernizing how food is stored.

“In our research to improve our line of food storage squares, we came across objections to the current products in the marketplace and designed the new line to answer them. With CamSquares FreshPro, Cambro has again made a large investment to help our customers work more efficiently and safely,” said Chip Jarvis, Senior Global V.P. Development & Engineering at Cambro Manufacturing.

There is never enough space in a kitchen, and Cambro is always looking for ways to increase storage and efficiency. CamSquares FreshPro are designed with recessed handles to provide a whopping 25% more storage capacity. Where 12 qt. to 22 qt. traditional square food storage containers can fit 3 containers on a shelf, the new CamSquares FreshPro can fit 4.

Storage Capacity

CamSquares FreshPro Easy Seal Covers are designed to seal tightly to keep food fresh while still being easy to remove. Food stays fresher, longer and the chance of spills significantly decreases.

The drain shelves for our Camwear® Pans are so popular that we decided to create a set specifically for CamSquares FreshPro containers. When used with an Easy Seal Cover, Drain Shelves are able to extend the shelf life of ingredients by 2 days.

Chefs who are sick of wasting time searching for the correct lid to use will love how CamSquares FreshPro eliminate the guesswork. Each CamSquare FreshPro container is designed with colored graduations that match their corresponding Easy Seal Cover and Drain Shelf. Chefs are able to quickly identify what they need and get back to cooking.

CamSquares FreshPro containers are designed with curved corners for safe 4-sided pouring and a textured grip for more secure handling.

To increase food safety, Easy Seal Covers and Drain Shelves are designed with peg holes to promote sanitary, organized drying and CamSquare FreshPro containers can be personalized with recipes, ingredient names, allergen warnings and more.

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