Camracks: The Best Way to Protect, Store and Transport Your Glassware

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Rancho Valencia Resort is a gorgeous property in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., with has two restaurants, in-room dining and pool service. After renovating their back of house spaces in 2010, demand for the resort has grown more than they could have imagined.

“For us, organization is a huge part of our need. If you’re working in tight spaces and you don’t have the luxury of a lot of storage, then you have to be clever with the space you use,” said Simon Harris, Director of Food and Beverage at Rancho Valencia.

As part of the renovation, Rancho Valencia equipped themselves with a couple hundred Camracks® to hold their extensive glassware collection. Many of their glasses are made from crystal, which means they’re not only expensive, but they’re also fragile.

“That’s why the Camracks just make total sense. They’re a great, very sturdy product that allows us to be able to store our glassware with minimal breakage,” said Harris.

“We don’t have lots of storage spaces that are right next to big banquet spaces, so we are putting things onto flatbed golf carts and we’re driving things five minutes here or five minutes there, loading and unloading. That’s a regular part of what we do and [the Camracks] are very robust. They hold up perfectly well. There’s never a problem with a concern of damage.”


With five different types of wine glasses, rocks glasses, Collins glasses and martini glasses to store, it could be difficult to find the right rack—but Rancho Valencia made the smart decision to hot stamp the outside of their Camracks with each glass name.

“We had them personalized with what was gonna go inside it, which is really helpful for the staff so they understand at a glance, particularly the new people,” said Harris. “It helps people not only sort the glassware into the right racks quickly, but also, at a glance, be able to pull those glassware when they’re all racked up and in storage. You can pull stuff out very easily without having to take one out, see what’s inside it, and then put it back and find another one.”

Camracks can be personalized with hot stamping or Camrack Extender ID Clips to easily change the name on the outside when needed.

Durability and Efficiency

“They go through the dishwasher perfectly well, they last very long time and they don’t degrade,” said Harris. “The way that the water jets up into the glassware as it goes through, it cleans all parts of it. They’re great, I have no complaints at all.”

Camracks have a closed wall system that allows water to clean glasses while they’re in the dishwasher and transition to an enclosed cabinet while stacked up in storage.

“[Glasses] are clean; they’re typically ready for use immediately. If we had some stored away in a dusty store room, not that the glassware particularly would get dusty, but just from a sanitary perspective, we would just run them through anyway. If they’re sitting in storage for a medium amount of time, they’re perfect, you can go ahead and use them straight away,” said Harris.

This year we are celebrating 25 years of Camracks! Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get started today.


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