Cambro Products are a Capital Solution for Sacramento USD

Shelving sets the tone for your kitchen. If it’s easy to clean, your kitchen will be clean. If it’s easy to organize, your kitchen will be organized. When Sacramento City Unified School District needed shelving their central kitchen a couple of years ago, they chose Camshelving® because the the shelves easily come apart for cleaning easy and they’re much easier to assemble than old school metal ones..


Thomas Lucero, executive chef of SCUSD’s central kitchen, said he was always a fan of wire shelving and never believed in “plastic” shelving…until he experienced Camshelving. He loves the fact that he can easily wash the shelf plates and how easy it was to install. He isn’t afraid to say that he truly believes Camshelving is stronger.

They’ve also added the Camshelving Pegboard, which will never dent, bend, flake, rust or corrode, to hang their spoons.

peg board camshelving

Since the Camshelving was installed In the central kitchen, Camshelving Premium Series High Density Storage System was added to the dry storage rooms in some of their high schools. At first, decisionmakers denied the foodservice department’s request for the special system, but after they saw how much space was wasted with regular shelving, their request was approved.

The Camshelving Premium Series High Density Storage System is a track system that can increase storage capacity by up to 50%. With a foundation of stationary starter units anchored to a raised floor track, high density mobile units can be easily accessed in between. 

HD camshelving

In emergencies like power outages and unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19, SCUSD foodservice staff rely on the Pro Cart Ultra®.

During the pandemic, there were some school sites where the staff was completely gone because they were sick. To ensure students received a hot meal, they cooked the entrée of the day in the central kitchen, loaded them into pre-heated Pro Cart Ultra units, and dropped them off at the school sites.

Lucero appreciates that the Pro Cart Ultra units are very are easy to use, move and adjust.


The next Cambro product on SCUSD’s wish list is the rust-free Camshelving Food Pan Trolley.

When SCUSD needs new equipment, they doesn’t hesitate to call their local Cambro sales rep, Courtney Meyer with Meyer Marketing. Click here to find yours!


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