5 Reasons Why You Will be Obsessed with Camshelving

Are you sick of discovering another broken shelving unit? Timothy Wood, General Manager at Another Broken Egg in Lake Mary, Fla., knows metal shelving isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. With more than 80 locations in 15 states, plus nearly 20 more in the works, Another Broken Egg is an award-winning, daytime-only restaurant that leads the next generation of brunch concepts. After finally becoming fed up with inefficient, rusty metal shelving, Wood turned to Camshelving® and has never looked back.

1. Keep Your Shelving Cleaner 

“[Camshelving] allows us to take shelves off periodically and wipe them down as opposed to having to struggle with an entire rack—taking an entire shelf, an entire cooler full of food out in order to clean it.”  

Constructed with durable, rust-free materials, shelf plates can be wiped clean or run through a commercial dishwasher. Shelf plates can be independently removed without having to take apart the entire rack to get to each individual shelf. Plus, Camshelving is permanently embedded with antimicrobial Camguard to discourage bacteria from forming.

2. Change it Whenever You Want

“You can change the shelves to make them as wide or as narrow as you need. In an ever-changing business, you never know how much food product you’re going to have on-hand, so it’s really great to be able to move that around depending upon needs.”

Camshelving is extremely customizable. Simply lift traverses up with a mallet and move them up or down to accommodate a variety of products and containers.

3. Use Your Space Better

“Some of the other cool products with the shelving is the corner connectors. As opposed to having a post in your way, it’s much easier to just put products in and out.”

Camshelving is designed to share posts in order to utilize every inch of your storage space. In the corners, Cambro designed special corner connectors to minimize weight bearing loss and enable easy access to items that are usually difficult to reach.

“Working in a quick pace restaurant, the ease for the employees to go into the walk-in and be able to find what they need and get it out quickly is really a plus.”

4. Stop Playing MacGyver 

While we appreciate creativity, there are better safer ways to do certain things. Previously, Wood depended on bungeed cords secured to their metal shelving to separate their dressings. Shelf Dividers attach to Camshelving to keep small items secure and separated.

5. Increase Food Safety

“One of the cool innovations was the Pegboard. On this Pegboard, we can hang dry a lot of our lids, where before they just got pushed into a container at the bottom of the shelf. It’s a lot more organized and much neater.”

Many kitchens shove their lids into a large container at the bottom of the shelf when they are done washing them. Doing so many seem like a good idea, but it can encourage bacteria growth and waste valuable storage space. The Camshelving Pegboard Storage System is constructed with heavy-duty ABS plastic and adhered to the side of Camshelving. Eliminate unsanitary practices and increase storage space by using stainless steel hardware to hang lids, tongs, spoons, ladles, and spatulas.

“The Cambro brand has been around for quite a while. Being in the industry, I’ve used them for years and it seems like their product keeps getting better and better.” Camshelving has been transforming kitchens in hotels, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities and more for more than 20 years. Contact your local Cambro sales rep to utilize our Free Camshelving Design Service.


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