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The Most Asked-About Cambro Products at The International Pizza Expo

Viva Las Vegas! We went to Sin City to help pizza restaurant owners find the Cambro products that will help them make good decisions when they head back home. After speaking to hundreds of owners at the International Pizza Expo about their needs, we discovered 5 specific products made people stop and walk into the booth to get a better look.

1. Ultimate #10 Can Rack

Do you have more canned tomato products than you know what to do with? Storing cans on top of shelving wastes shelf space and makes it difficult to keep track of what’s new and what’s old. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you may need to resort to storing cans on the floor because you can’t sacrifice your valuable shelving space at all.

Forget all that and use our Ultimate #10 Can Rack instead. Made from rust-free materials, the Ultimate #10 Can Rack allows you to load cans from the front and eliminates the need to move your rack to get to the back. The Ultimate #10 Can Rack makes it easy to follow First In, First Out because the next can is always ready and waiting for someone to come get it. Use the Ultimate #10 Can Rack to transform your food storage into a more efficient, safe and organized space.

2. Pizza Dough Boxes

A pizza is only as good as its crust, and great crusts are born in a Cambro Pizza Dough Box.

Available in virtually unbreakable Camwear® polycarbonate or lightweight and durable polypropylene, Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes are ideal for storing, transporting, proofing and cooling pizza dough. Boxes nest together tightly to keep contaminants out while keeping dough fresh and crust-free. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe and NSF listed.

3. Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack

When you see our Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack in person, you can’t help but do a double take. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack stands out above the rest because it has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. That means it won’t rust in your walk-in and it won’t grate metal shavings onto your food.

The casters on the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack are unique, too. While casters on metal sheet pan racks are notorious for becoming caked with grime and corrosion, our rust-free casters maintain their integrity. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack maneuvers easily around the kitchen and is more stable than traditional metal racks thanks to its custom center-stem caster design. 

4. Pro Cart Ultra

The Pro Cart Ultra is one of the few times being hot and cold is a good thing. With the ability to hold hot and cold in the same unit, the Pro Cart Ultra ups the ante for insulated food transportation. Using electric modules, you can change the cart to be hot and cold or all the same temperature. The Pro Cart Ultra is built with a durable exterior and heavy duty casters to easily maneuver in and out of trucks and throughout buildings. While the Pro Cart Ultra maintains hot or cold temperatures for at least four hours on its own, plugging in the cart extends service for as long as you need it.

Designed with 16 sets of adjustable stainless steel rails that hold food pans, sheet pans, trays and large pizza boxes, the Pro Cart Ultra can handle holding every scenario you can imagine.

5. Pizza GoBags®

If dough boxes are the beginning of a great pizza, pizza delivery bags are the end. Pizza GoBags have the anatomy of the perfect pizza bag. Designed with breathable insulation and a durable exterior, GoBags maintain the temperature of pizza without making it soggy.

GoBags are available in a variety of sizes that allow you to transport 1 to 10 pizzas. Plus, GoBags can be personalized with your logo to promote brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

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