The Anatomy of the Perfect Pizza Bag

Making the perfect pizza isn’t enough, you need a pizza bag to complete the perfect experience for your customer. The ideal pizza bag is durable, lightweight and temperature retentive—but few products are able to deliver on all three promises. However, the original rarely disappoints. The original Thermal Bag by Ingrid was invented by Ingrid Kosar and patented in 1984. Cambro acquired the company in 2018 and has been making quality pizza and delivery bags since. Cambro Pizza GoBags® have the anatomy of the perfect pizza bag.

  1. Breathable Insulation

The only thing worse than a cold pizza, is a soggy one. Maintaining the integrity of your pizza is paramount. The ideal pizza bag provides dense, high quality insulation within breathable material. The bag is able to maintain the temperature of the pizza while providing moisture control.

  1. Durable Exterior

Pizza bags take a beating. They’re lifted in and out of cars repeatedly and often thrown around with reckless abandon. While you can’t control how your bags are treated, you can control how much they can take. Poorly constructed bags will last a few months, but pizza bags made from stain-resistant, washable fabrics and thick straps will last much longer.

Look at the denier of the fabric used to create the bags. A denier describes the thickness of the individual threads in the fabric. For example, our premium pizza bags are made with 900-denier and our standard pizza bags are made with 600-denier. Another way to measure your pizza bag’s value is the quality of the hook and loop closure on the top of the bag. You want a hook and loop that grips together to seal tightly.

  1. Personalization Capabilities

If you’re going to handle your own delivery, make sure your customers remember it! Putting your business’ logo on the front or top of the bag increases brand awareness and visibility. Pizza is a competitive industry; you want to make sure your business name resonates with your customers. Plus, personalization adds another layer of professionality to your delivery service.

Cambro offers both embroidered and heat transferred personalization for all pizza GoBag models.

  1. Pizza Capacity

One reason food can lose temperature inside of a pizza bag is that there is too much ambient space. The fuller the bag, the warmer the food will stay. When it comes to pizza bags, it’s important to choose sizes that will accommodate your most popular sizes and quantities so that each pie stay piping hot until it reaches your customer’s door. Although large orders might not occur on a daily basis, make sure you are armed with at least a couple large capacity pizza bags to be ready for any catering order that comes calling. See how this franchisee used our 10 capacity Pizza GoBags to Deliver a Supreme-Sized Order.

Give your pizza the respect it deserves by transporting them in Cambro’s Pizza GoBags. Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get started today.

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