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5 Cambro Products You Need for Wedding Season

When wedding bells chime, you want your clients to remember their special day for as long as they both shall live. It could rain or they might run behind schedule, but food and drinks make or break a successful wedding. From prep to transport to serving, it’s important to use the right equipment to keep your food fresh and safe. Whether you’re an outside caterer transporting food to a venue or a hotel that runs everything from start to finish, these 5 Cambro products will make your wedding season happily ever after.

1. Cambro Food Pans and Storage Containers

When you’re prepping and transporting food for an event, disposable containers might seem convenient but they’re hurting your bottom line and contributing unnecessary waste. Switching to reusable Camwear® Food Pans and Seal Covers and Cambro storage containers is a very small yet impactful way to save money and make your business more sustainable. Plus, Camwear material is virtually unbreakable and designed with a non-stick interior for easy cleaning in a sink or dishwasher.

2. Cambro Hot Boxes

If you’re a caterer who is starting out or who typically delivers food for more intimate gatherings, front-loading food pan carriers like the UPC300 and the UPC400 will be your bread and butter. Constructed with unmatched durability, Cambro’s Ultra Pan Carriers safely hold hot or cold foods for at least 4 hours. These hot boxes fit inside virtually any vehicle and are easily rolled into any venue with the help of a Camdolly.

For those with more robust catering operation, we suggest our Pro Cart Ultra or heated carts like the UPCH800 or UPCH1600. These units are ideal for caterers needing to transport large amounts of food and those who need to hold or serve for extended periods of time. When plugged in, Cambro’s heated carts provide gentle, non-radiant heat that won’t dry out food.

3. CamBar®

Every party is better when there’s a CamBar (or two). The faster guests can get their drinks and return to the dance floor the better. Having to wait to long for drinks during a wedding can put a damper on the celebration and cause attention where you don’t want it. Drink service should be a seamless experience that keeps the party going rather than stifling it.

CamBars are available in three sizes, with the ability to hold between five and seven bottles in the speed rail and the option of basic, pre-mix or post-mix soda systems. Situate your CamBar outside during cocktail hour and then move it inside to provide drink service during the reception. It goes wherever you need it! Take the Which CamBar is Best for Your Business? Quiz to find the right solution for you. 

4. Camtainer®

During the spring and summer months, it’s imperative to have water stations setup so that guests don’t get overheated or dehydrated. It’s all fun and champagne until someone faints during cocktail hour. Made from durable material that is rust, crack and chip resistant, Camtainers and Ultra Camtainers keep water cold for at least 4 hours. Molded-in ergonomic handles make it easy to carry Camtainers to and from the kitchen.

5. Handwash Station

For outdoor events, a handwash station is essential. People are aware of keeping their hands clean and hygienic now more than ever. Whether they want to wash their hands between appetizers or before they sit down for dinner, having a handwash station conveniently located outside will help events go more smoothly. In addition to guest use, don’t forget to equip staff with a conveniently located handwash station to use between courses and in case of spills.  

For venues without electrical outlets nearby, the Mobile Handwash Station provides a completely touchless, sanitary experience. The Mobile Handwash Station provides approximately 200 handwashings per tank, with water activated with a foot pump and a battery operated soap dispenser. If electricity is easy to access, the Camkiosk® Hand Sink Cart will make you forget you’re outside. Double stainless steel sinks and a 10-gallon fresh water tank provide up to 70 handwashings with hot or cold water.

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