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This Cambro Product will Change Everything for Your Healthcare Facility

A positive food experience is essential for patients and residents at healthcare facilities. Not only does it need to taste good, food needs to arrive at the proper temperature. As soon as meals are prepared, it is imperative to use the right equipment to keep food as hot as possible during delivery. Robyn Reed, with Majestic Care and Bluegrass Care and Rehabilitation facilities, began researching heat retention systems to upgrade their current equipment. She reached out to her Cambro rep who let her borrow the Camduction® Complete Heat System to try at one of her facilities.

“Seeing the ease with which the system worked and the benefit of having 20 units heated at one time so quickly and staying hot versus our team members heating up individually 20 units, stacking them off the heat and then of course that heat starting to fade,” said Reed.

The Camduction Charger heats up to 20 bases at once in four to six minutes, accommodating up to 300 meals per service. A heated base combined with a properly heated plate and covered with a Cambro insulated dome maintains hot foods at safe temperatures of 140°F (60°C) or higher for 60 minutes.

After experiencing the efficiency of the Camduction system firsthand, Reed decided to slowly roll out the units with Harbor Collection bases and domes to more facilities. Residents had previously complained about food temperature retention, but complaints decreased after the implementation of the Camduction system.

“I was in a facility last week. We had purchased the Camduction system prior to Covid causing so much trouble. At lunchtime, trays were there. I happened to put my hand on top of one of the domes of one of trays that had not yet been served and I commented to one of the nurse aids delivering the trays. I said, ‘Oh my goodness, I feel some nice warmth here on the top of this dome’ and the nurse aid commented, ‘Oh, the residents are absolutely loving the warmth of the meal,” said Reed.

After the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Reed purchased additional Camduction units to support the increase of in-room dining at their facilities. A total of 18 Majestic and Bluegrass Care facilities are using Camduction systems; many of their locations also use healthcare trays, and participate in our mugs, bowls and Disposable Camlids® program where they receive free products each year.

In addition to being extremely satisfied with her Cambro products, Reed also credits her local rep as a big reason she chooses the brand.

“The Cambro rep that I’m connected with here in the Indianapolis area has outstanding service. She’s really great to work with, her follow-up and service,” said Reed. “It’s been a very positive experience from start to finish.”   Stop wasting time and worrying about your meal temperatures—and get the Camduction system instead. Contact your local Cambro rep to choose the right healthcare products for your business.


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