Make Your Own Luck with These 5 Cambro Products

A wise man once said, “The harder I work, the more luck I have.” We are firm believers in making your own luck because we don’t like to wait for something to happen by chance. Using Cambro products promotes food safety, organization and high-quality menu items. We identified five Cambro products that will make you feel like you’ve got the luck of the Irish 🍀 on your side:  


For those with metal shelving, you’re lucky if you make it through five years without rust and corrosion forcing you to replace it. However, chefs with Camshelving know they have it for a lifetime. Camshelving will never rust or corrode and every model has shelf plates with molded-in Camguard antimicrobial properties. Shelf plates are easy to remove and run through a commercial dishwasher for thorough cleaning; it doesn’t get much more hygienic than that. When it comes to cleanliness, you have to be extremely diligent; a clean and orderly back of house takes a collective effort from each employee. Camshelving creates a hygienic foundation to build the rest of your food storage upon.  

Insulated Transport

If you operate a catering business or offer delivery, you know the importance of temperature retention. You may have searched far and wide for something that is durable, holds temperatures and is easy to maneuver, but nothing has worked. Think of Cambro’s insulated transport products as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yes, it does exist! And yes, everything you put inside is magically delicious. We have a wide range of insulated transport products for every business. Whether you’re a new caterer, a large-scale operation or a restaurant providing delivery, our products are designed to support your needs.

GoBoxes are lightweight yet temperature retentive and extremely affordable. Our Ultra Pan Carriers are ideal for caterers who primarily transport food pans. Adding a Camdolly allows virtually anyone to maneuver carriers from the car through hallways and into service spaces.

Seal Covers

Don’t leave the fate of your ingredients up to chance. When covering a Camwear Pan, Translucent Food Pan or CamSquare with a Seal Cover, you can extend the shelf life of produce by up to three days. Not only are you cooking with fresher ingredients, you’re throwing away less food. That also equates to more money in your pocket and less waste in the landfill. It’s such a small product, but it packs a serious impact.

Camwear Drain Shelves

Take it one step further by adding a Camwear Drain Shelf. Designed to sit inside a Camwear Pan with Seal Cover, this triple threat is ideal for storing prepped produce, defrosting meat and storing seafood on ice. Drain shelves create a barrier, protecting food from drippings and liquids. Instead of mushy, liquified tomatoes, you’re left with crisp slices. You could be the unluckiest person alive and our drain shelves would still increase the quality of your food.

Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley

You’re lucky if customers don’t notice metal shavings in their food—but that should never happen to begin with! The Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Yes, it will never grate metal shavings into your food pans! Unlike the metal trolleys on the market, our Food Pan Trolley is constructed with state-of-the-art composite material that is impervious to food acids and harsh chemicals. Food pans slide perfectly onto rails, constructed with stops at their ends to keep everything safe and secure.

After implementing one or more of these products in your business, we guarantee the tide will turn in your favor. There’s no totem or incantation that can take the place of doing things the correct way. We design our products to be the best so that your food items stay at theirs. Contact your Cambro rep today for a personalized assessment of the products that can best support your business. 🍀


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