Ready to Roll: School District Transports Meals with GoBox and Camdolly

Mobile foodservice products are a huge advantage for schools. Previously, employees needed to be able to wheel meals to classrooms and high traffic areas. When the coronavirus pandemic struck, schools turned to insulated transport products to keep meals at safe temperatures curbside and during bus stop meal delivery service.  

When the weather started getting warmer over the summer, Vivien Watts, Executive Director of Food and Nutrition Services for Alhambra Unified School District, realized they needed something that would keep their meal temperatures from falling into the Danger Zone. She purchased 30 EPP400 GoBoxes and Camdollies.

“When I visited one of my managers at curbside, she said ‘Of all the things you bought us, this is the best’,” said Watts.

GoBoxes have the ability to maintain safe, ideal hot or cold temperatures for at least four hours. Watts’ team utilizes their GoBoxes to their full potential. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they hold cold or nonperishable foods and on Fridays they transport hot entrées.

Constructed from durable expanded polypropylene material, GoBoxes are lightweight while withstanding consistent use.

“I liked the GoBoxes because they seemed sturdy. I don’t want something that is a lesser quality, but more affordable price and I have to keep replacing them. I think this one seems sturdy and will last for a while and I have a lot of uses for them. They’re not the lowest priced items on the market, but I think the quality will justify the pricing. I like things with good quality,” said Watts.

Using a Camdolly to transport GoBoxes increases efficiency and safety, allowing school foodservice employees to easily stack and maneuver them to the curb or waiting buses.

“My employee was showing me how easy they roll and how easy it is to go from one spot to another. I’m glad I can make their job a little bit easier because they do a lot of hard work. Any chance we can make their job a little easier, I go for it,” said Watts.

When students return to campus, Watts plans to repurpose the GoBoxes to transport meals to the classroom. With the rise in popularity of breakfast initiatives outside of the cafeteria, it is imperative that foodservice employees are able to easily transport food around campus. The Camdolly supports up to 300 lbs. of food equipment and is compatible with Camwear® Boxes and Pizza Dough Boxes in addition to top-loading and front-loading GoBoxes and our front-loading Pan Carriers.


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