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The Unbelievably Easy Way to Increase Food Safety in Your Kitchen

Just when you thought Cambro products couldn’t be any safer—we’re upping the ante. Each Cambro product is designed with food safety in mind. Our goal is to offer products that are efficient and durable in addition to supporting food safety protocols. While a Cambro storage container is food safe on its own, personalization allows you to take it up a notch. Visual ques are extremely beneficial in a bustling, loud kitchen full of people each trying to accomplish different tasks. We identified three ways to personalize your Cambro products to increase the food safety in your kitchen.

  1. Separating allergen-free products and equipment

Food allergies are more prevalent than ever. Thankfully, many ingredients have allowed chefs to provide options for those with intolerances. With the wide variety of flours available—and their tendency to look similar—labeling is a must. While you can use tape on your containers, it’s not a great long-term solution. Some tapes leave behind a residue that can trap bacteria, plus you’re constantly re-labeling your containers after you clean them. There’s a better way. Personalizing Cambro products like CamSquares, Ingredient Bins and Measuring Cups ensures the label is permanent and food safe.

A popular pizza chain chose to personalize our Translucent Food Pans with the words “gluten free” and a purple Translucent Lid to safely separate their gluten free pizza cutters. Employees know to only use these pizza cutters when they’re preparing a gluten free pizza order.

  1. Instant Identification

Many restaurants prefer to provide physical plastic-covered menus to their customers. This method requires employees to pay special attention to menu sanitization. If you’re stacking dirty menus next to clean ones, it can be easy to mix them up—especially on a busy day. A popular burger chain remedied this problem by creating two Camwear Boxes with the labels “sanitized” and “needs to be sanitized.” They went the extra mile to use both Camwear and Poly Boxes to further differentiate between each container’s contents.  

We also suggest these labels containers holding items like pens, cleaning cloths, and condiments.

  1. Reduce Cross Contamination

Chances are you have a handful of menu items that are made day after day the same way with using the same equipment. Most kitchens have a lot of Cambro containers, so how do you ensure employees designate specific containers or specific functions? Personalized containers directly discourage cross contamination. When the words “ice only” are permanently stamped onto a Cambro Round, it’s pretty hard to ignore.

A fast-food chain created this design on a Translucent Round to accomplish a number of things:

  • Identifies how it’s used
  • Directions for storage when not in-use
  • Instructions for creating menu item
  • Measuring instructions

This personalized container greatly decreases the chances an employee will put anything but ice inside of it. If your kitchen consistently keeps containers separated for specific uses, personalization is a great solution.

After your Cambro rep consults with you about the food safety challenges happening at your business, they work directly with our personalization department to create the most effective design solution. Cambro offers a wide range of products available for personalization. We are committed to providing our customers with personalized products because we believe they support food safety and brand awareness. Next, read How Personalized Cambro Products Support Recipe Consistency.


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