How Personalized Cambro Products Support Recipe Consistency

Restaurants often come to us with a problem that they’re hoping one of our products can solve. Recipe consistency is a priority for any restaurant, especially those with multiple locations. Through visual identification and the elimination of language barriers, personalized Cambro products are a great way to provide consistency for your restaurant’s most popular recipes. Plus, when recipes are kept consistent, you save money and reduce waste as a result. We explain three ways restaurants use Cambro products to increase recipe consistency:

  1. Eliminate Language Barriers

Restaurants have long employed many types of people from many types of backgrounds. According to the National Restaurant Association, 47 percent of restaurant/foodservice employees are minorities, compared with 36 percent across the rest of the economy. Personalizing your Cambro storage products can be extremely beneficial when your employees speak multiple languages. A large national chain personalizes their 22qt Translucent Rounds with spigot to eliminate language barriers and maintain the consistency of their batter recipe.

Another way to eliminate language barriers and simplify recipes is by adding images like a national hotel chain does on their 12qt Poly Rounds. They chose a round container because the product would need to be stirred and a translucent material because it provided some visibility. Depictions of bananas, yogurt and measuring cups full of water make the recipe easy for anyone to understand.

  1. Provide Recipe Instructions

Every restaurant wants their menu to taste exactly the same no matter what location your customers are visiting. Instead of relying on flimsy laminated paper that you have to continually throw away and reprint, personalizing your Cambro products is an ingenious way to have your cake and eat it too. One of the most popular customized designs is the hamburger cooking process.

Originally designed to help one foodservice business, similar Camtrays have been made for additional customers. Employees are able to see the entire hamburger cooking process step-by-step with cooking temperatures. This Camtray is great for training purposes and also allows for additional languages to be represented. Images are permanently sealed into the Camtray, ensuring it never fades or rubs off.

  1. Permanently Display Measurements  

Some of the most popular menu items will have your employees measuring out the same ingredients day after day. Keep recipes consistent by permanently personalizing Cambro products in two ways. If you’re continually adding ingredients into a bigger recipe, denote that measurement on the side of the product. For example, a chicken fast-food chain uses a Camview pitcher to ensure 20 ounces of liquid eggs are always correctly measured. If you’re always mixing liquids together, customizing the measurements on the side of a measuring cup eliminates the guess work. For example, one restaurant created this 4qt Camwear Measuring Cup with recipes for their Fresh Agave Sour, Fresh Sour and Simple Syrup.

As you can see, personalized products aren’t just a pretty face. Personalizing your Cambro products can elevate the efficiency, consistency and quality in your kitchen. Contact your Cambro rep for more information on personalized products.


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