3 Reasons Every School Needs the Cambro Vending Cart

The Rolling Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want,” but we strive to make products that are exactly what our customers are looking for. Elizabeth Alfaro, Director of Nutrition Services at Collier County Public Schools in Florida, went looking for the perfect vending cart. She has 58 schools with 48,000 students, 88 percent of which are participating in-person learning. She wanted to find a cart that was attractive, convenient and would be useful in the future. The Cambro Vending Cart checked every box on her list.

  1. Attractive

When it comes to vending carts, you need something that is both functional and appealing. Kids can be immediately turned off from something if they don’t like the way it looks.

“[We wanted] something that was aesthetically pleasing because we eat with our eyes. I wanted something that wasn’t too industrial or commercial looking.; I didn’t want it to look institutional. I wanted it to be friendly and welcoming,” said Alfaro.

A wrap is included with every Cambro Vending Cart. You can choose from a range of colors and designs or customize it with eye-catching graphics of your own. Schools can put their spirit on display with a logo or mascot while providing functionality.

“It’s so attractive if you’re driving up or you’re walking up and you see that from a distance versus a pushcart with a little table next to it,” said Alfaro. “We had one school that just by simply putting a Cambro Vending Cart out there we had more participation.”

  1. Convenient  

The Cambro Vending Cart is designed to move quickly and easily wherever you need it. Many schools choose to setup their carts at high traffic points to alleviate congestion in the cafeteria. This is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic to support social distancing efforts.

“What we really liked about the Cambro Vending Cart was that it had the capacity to have two lines, one on each side. That was the biggest selling point because the way the school day is structured, we don’t have a lot of time for lunch, “said Alfaro.

Built with a capacity for five 6-inch deep 1/1 GN pans, the Cambro Vending Cart can hold a wide variety of items. Alfaro uses her cart to serve Grab-N-Go items like wrapped sandwiches and pizza. When the bell rings, employees can seamlessly maneuver the cart back to the kitchen for safe keeping.

  1. Multi-Use

Over the summer, Alfaro purchased 55 carts to prepare the district for students to come back to campus. She wanted a cart that would support their efforts during the pandemic, but still be useful in the future.

“When we’re out of this pandemic…they’re still going to be useful which is great because you spend your money on them, you want to be able to get a full life. Unlike other things we were looking at when we were first doing this, this will be multifunctional,” said Alfaro.

The Cambro Vending Cart can be used for Grab-N-Go breakfast or lunch, beverage service, snacks between classes and as a concession stand during sporting events. Engineered for both indoor and outdoor service, the Cambro Vending Cart is built from ultra-durable polyethylene material that resists dents, rust, and cracks. If you’re looking to increase temperature retention, space is designated to hold Camchillers® or Insulated Transport units.

The Cambro Vending Cart is the multi-purpose piece of equipment that will support breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. Click here to check out three more future-proof Cambro products your school needs.


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