Décor Series Trays Bring High-Performing, Contemporary Look to Hospital Meal Service

Before the official debut of our new Décor Series Camtrays® in February, word was already traveling along the healthcare foodservice grapevine that a new product was on its way. When Jeff Gilmore, Director of Culinary at Banner’s Baywood Medical Center and Heart Hospital, heard Cambro was coming out with a new, contemporary tray designed for healthcare operations, he was immediately interested.

“I called [my contact at Cambro] when I heard that the trays were coming out and asked him for a sample before they were even made. Within three days, I had the sample in my hands,” said Gilmore.

Hospital trays aren’t typically a stylistic focal point, but we wanted to change that. Healthcare operations have already been working to provide better meal options for their patients, and we wanted to match those efforts with a modern tray design. Décor Series Camtrays are designed to appear and feel like authentic wood while actually being made of a durable fiberglass material.

After testing the Décor Series Camtrays in his facilities, Gilmore decided to put in a full order to replace their current trays.

“The things we’ve heard from our patients have been all positive comments. With our other trays, they were clean but they looked dirty. [The Décor Series trays] are clean and look clean,” said Gilmore. “We haven’t had the issues of cracking or breaking. We haven’t had the issues of staining and we’re still able to go without a tray mat—a savings there. It’s worked really well for us.”

Décor Series trays are available in both a standard woodgrain textured surface and a non-skid, clear EpicTread surface for safer handling, reducing accidental spills.

Gilmore has been a longtime fan of Cambro healthcare products and had already equipped his kitchen with Cambro Meal Delivery Carts, Mugs and Bowls.

“I like to be loyal to people that are good to us and take care of us and our business, so I’ve always respected Cambro and the [representatives] you have out here and visit with us,” said Gilmore. “As my Cambro rep always says, ‘“If we don’t carry it, you don’t need it.”

Cambro’s first product, the Camtray, was created in 1951 for a hospital with a disdain for their loud trays. Decades later, Cambro has designed countless Camtrays in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes for every foodservice sector. Contact your Cambro rep to find the ideal Camtray for your operation.

Ana Brito, proudly showing off the Decor Series Tray – Made in USA in Huntington Beach, CA


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