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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Shelving

Everyone makes mistakes, just don’t make them on your shelving! After more than 20 years in the shelving business, we’ve seen a thing or two. After helping countless foodservice operators identify and fix their shelving problems, we’ve rounded up five of the most common mistakes we’ve seen and how Camshelving® can help.

  1. Ordering Shelving Yourself

Save the DIY projects for your days off at home. When it comes to your storage spaces, every inch counts. coolersampleCambro makes your process as easy as possible. Your local Cambro rep is ready to take care of everything from measuring to identifying your specific needs, taking you through each step. One of the ways they’re able to provide such an accurate prescription for your space is through the use of our free Camshelving Design Service. Our proprietary program analyzes a sketch of your space to find the most suitable and cost-effective shelving design. Operations that utilize this service receive a plan that efficiently allocates space, maximizes operational flow and solves organizational challenges. What begins as a simple sketch is eventually turned into 2D and 3D renderings of the floor plan along with itemized suggested product lists for each room or area.

  1. Selecting the Wrong Shelving Model for the Application

When choosing from the variety of Camshelving options, it’s important to consider where you’re putting your shelving, what types of products you’ll store on it and the different ways you might want to use it. If you’re looking for Camshelving to hold lightweight items in your dry storage, you’ll want to go with our Basics Plus Series. Durable and resistant to scratching, peeling, warping and corrosion, Camshelving Basics Plus is designed to support utility storage needs. If you’re looking to maximize your walk-in space, our High Density Storage System can increase your storage capacity up to 50 percent. Constructed with Camshelving Premium Series units, the High Density Storage System is made up of stationary starter units on each end of a raised floor track system with mobile units in between. For every shelving challenge in every foodservice sector, there is a Camshelving model that can help.

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  1. Ignoring the Hidden Costs of Metal Shelving

Purchasing inexpensive metal shelving is one of those things that seems like a good idea until it isn’t. After a few years, metal shelving rusts and you must replace it. Now, take that scenario and repeat it every few years for the rest of your life as a restaurant operator. What began as a way to save money turns into spending more money, time and labor every few years. In contrast, Camshelving comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion and each shelf plate of Premium and Elements is embedded with antimicrobial Camguard. All three types of Camshelving—Premium, Elements and Basics— come with that guarantee.


In addition to being impervious to rust, Camshelving is easy to clean and adjust. Many restaurants with metal shelving assign a designated employee to take everything out of the walk-in to completely and thoroughly clean their units every week. This practice incurs extra labor costs that would otherwise be unnecessary. With Camshelving, employees can wipe surfaces clean with a cloth or shelf plates can be taken off individually and safely run through a dishwasher. Camshelving makes cleaning part of your routine rather than interrupting it.   


  1. Do Yourself a Solid (Shelf Plate)

If we had a nickel for every time we saw a sheet pan or piece of cardboard sitting underneath small items to keep them from falling down, we would be on our own island right now. Those discovering Camshelving for the first time may assume vented shelving is the only option because it’s all they’ve ever known. Vented shelves are very useful for keeping items fresh in coolers and freezers by promoting air circulation and we highly encourage choosing them for that application.

However, Camshelving allows you to reap the benefits of using shelf plates that are vented, solid or a combination of both. Solid shelf plates are ideal for storing small items, like condiment bottles, and prevent spills or drips from leaking onto other items on the shelves below. We also suggest using solid shelf plates on your bottom shelves to increase food safety and protect items from mop water during cleaning.

  1. Passing on Accessories

Don’t sleep on Camshelving accessories. While Camshelving ensures you’re using your space efficiently, it’s the accessories that promote efficiency within your operation. Here are a few of our most popular accessories:

  • Shelf Rails: Keep your friends close and your storage items closer. Camshelving Shelf Rails decrease the chances of spills, breakage and items falling off the sides or back or your shelving. This accessory is especially encouraged on any mobile or High Density Storage System.
  • Shelf Dividers: Keep small items like condiments from wobbling or falling over by adding Camshelving Shelf Dividers. This accessory is also a great solution for maintaining a hygienic environment and preventing cross-contamination.
  • Divider Bars: Your Camshelving unit can be anything you want it to be. Divider Bars allow you to create a custom storage unit with storage boxes, food pans and Camracks® on either stationary or mobile shelving. The resulting custom unit can be used as a station for to-go, drying, storage and more. This accessory is also ideal for removing produce from the corrugated packaging into proper storage boxes and transporting from the receiving area to the walk-in.
  • ID Tags: Make it easy for employees to know where items are stored—and keep it that way— with Camshelving ID Tags. Available in 3” (7.6 cm) and 6” (15.2 cm), ID Tags clip onto traverses without taking up any extra space.
  • Dunnage Stands: Got heavy items and buckling metal shelves? Adding dunnage stands to Camshelving increases their weight bearing capacity to 1,000 lbs. on the bottom shelf of units 54” (137.2 cm) or longer. Store heavy bulk items or ingredients with confidence when utilizing dunnage stands.

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When you switch to Camshelving, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Durable, food safe and effective, Camshelving is designed to support the needs of foodservice operations in every sector. Some restaurants, like the Cheesecake Factory, still have the original units they ordered when Camshelving debuted more than 20 years ago.  Click here to learn more about your Camshelving options.


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