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Easily Transport Cold Milk Cartons with the New Cambro Milk Crate Box


Packing, transporting and distributing breakfast in the classroom has never been easier. With Cambro’s new Milk Crate Box, foodservice operators can transport cold milk cartons into classrooms without taking them out of standard-size milk crates. Cambro’s Milk Crate Box is made out of expanded polypropylene material and designed with an adjustable web strap, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

Cambro’s Milk Crate Box holds up to 70 half pints of milk inside a 13″ x 13″ x 11″ (33 x 33 x 28 cm)  milk crate. When kept inside Cambro’s Milk Crate Box, milk stays at the ideal temperature for at least four hours. If you’d like to extend your holding time, insert a ½ GN Camchiller inside the box before inserting the milk crate. After staff is finished distributing meals, any remaining milk cartons are still neatly stacked inside the crate.

For optimal service in the classroom, use the Cambro Milk Crate Box alongside a Cambro GoBag or GoBox to offer hot or cold breakfast foods to children. Cambro’s GoBags and GoBoxes offer superior insulation and durability with a lightweight design.

For more information on how Cambro products can support your breakfast in the classroom program, contact your Cambro rep.


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