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Cambro Debuts Expanded Top Loading Cam Gobox for Easy Unloading

Reach inside your Cam GoBox Top Loader with confidence with the new Cam GoBox EPP180XLT. For some foodservice professionals, it is difficult to fit your hands around the sides of food pans during unloading. EPP180XLTSW110_B1RK_0519_s04The new EPP180XLT model has extra width, length and height for those who need a little extra room!

The new EPP180XLT accommodates half size and full size GN food pans and any other containers you might transport. Additional space inside the EPP180XLT allows for easy loading and unloading but keeps pans from shifting during transport. Busy catering and delivery professionals can seamlessly reach inside the EPP180XLT, retrieve its contents and get back on the road. When using disposable pans, the extra room inside the EPP180XLT makes delivery easier and maintains product presentation. BBQ Pitmasters using the EPP180XLT to rest large pieces of meat can have the peace of mind that they’ll be able to easily reach inside and lift food pans out without worrying about tipping or spilling.

The EPP180XLT is made with the same lightweight polypropylene material as the rest of Cambro’s Cam GoBox line. With the ability to keep food at the ideal temperature for at least four hours, a durable exterior and easy stacking, the Cam GoBox line is essential for every catering operation. Not only are Cam GoBoxes resistant to most oil, grease and chemicals, they are also dishwasher safe, CFC-free and 100 percent recyclable.

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