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20 Things You Might Not Know About Camshelving Premium Series


Camshelving® turns 20 this year! Although it’s been around for two decades, there are still a lot of details about the revolutionary product that you may not be familiar with yet. We highlight 20 things you might not know (but definitely should) about Camshelving Premium Series:

  1. Solid and Vented Shelf Plates: One of the biggest things that sets Camshelving apart is the choice of solid or vented shelf plates—and the option to combine the two in one unit. Depending on where you are using Camshelving, the ventilation provided by vented plates is a strength. In other parts of the kitchen, solid shelf plates make it easy to keep shelving clean and decreases the likelihood of cross contamination from spills.
  2. Camguard: An antimicrobial protection called Camguard is permanently molded into shelf plates to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. Camshelving is so sanitary and food safe that some chefs put meat directly on its shelf plates for dry-aging!
  3. Lifetime Warranty Against Rust: Camshelving has a metal core wrapped with a polypropylene material that cannot rust. Camshelving surfaces will never flake, chip or become corroded.
  4. Open Corners: Camshelving corner connectors allow operators to easily access the corners of their shelving. Removing the post at the intersection of two units increases visibility and access to ingredients.
  5. Shared Posts: Maximize your storage space thanks to Camshelving’s ability to share posts. Metal shelving units usually sit next to each other, whereas Camshelving connects at every point possible. No space is left unclaimed!
  6. Flexible Configuration Options: If you can dream it, Camshelving can achieve it. No matter what size your storage space is, there is a Camshelving configuration to support your needs and goals. We’ve been known to work with odd shapes and challenges like uneven surfaces.
  7. Free Camshelving Design Service: The CDS analyzes the most suitable and cost-effective shelving design for each space. Depending on where you are looking to install your Camshelving, this service ensures space is efficiently allocated, operational flow is maximized, and organizational challenges are solved. Click here to start your free Camshelving design.CDS
  8. Safe for all Environments: Camshelving is designed to withstand all extreme storage temperatures, -36° to 190°F (-37° to 86°C) to be exact. Utilize Camshelving in your cooler, freezer, dry storage and utility areas.
  9. Food Safety Certifications: Camshelving is NSF certified and follows HACCP guidelines, meaning it has been tested, reviewed and determined to meet health and safety standards.
  10. Roll With It: Wish you had the ability to move your shelving? Camshelving has the option of caster-equipped models to make units mobile. Easily move Camshelving for thorough floor cleaning, mobile access to ingredients and more.
  11. Can Rack Organization: Keep cans FIFO and organized by adding an Ultimate #10 Can Rack to your existing Camshelving unit. Don’t use enough cans to fill an entire unit? Change one shelf into a Can Rack and leave the rest for other applications!
  12. High Density Storage System: Composed of stationary Camshelving starter units anchored to a raised floor track system, the High Density Storage System maximizes storage in the smallest areas. This system is a fantastic solution for those with extremely limited space.High density Shelving slide gif
  13. Drying Rack Cradles: Camshelving isn’t just for food storage, it is available as a drying rack too! Available for dome drying, vertical drying and angled drying, Camshelving allows operators to dry a variety of items without having to worry about wet nesting or potentially rusty shelving. From food pans and lids to cutting boards and trays, there’s a drying rack cradle to fit your needs.
  14. Easy to Clean: Use a cloth to wipe Camshelving clean or safely put shelf plates through the dishwasher. It’s so easy that there’s no excuse not to do it!
  15. Adjustable: Camshelving can be reconfigured at any time. Don’t like how your shelves are spaced? Easily adjust traverses independently for custom shelving heights and capacities.
  16. Easy Assembly: Each unit is shipped with preassembled frames to make installation faster. The only piece of equipment you need is a mallet.
  17. Molded in Dovetails: One reason installation is so fast is because dovetails are molded into the frames. There are no screws or bolts, just slide traverses into dovetails and secure with a mallet.
  18. Chemical Resistant: Not only will Camshelving not rust, it is impervious to harsh chemicals and salt water.
  19. Organizational Accessories: Camshelving accessories allow operators to be more organized than ever before. Shelf rails, dividers and ID tags keep ingredients from falling or getting lost in the shuffle.
  20. Secure: If you have expensive ingredients or alcohol that need to be protected, Camshelving fits two sizes of steel security cages. Secure the entire unit or just a shelf in order to use the shelving for dual purposes.

The 20 features listed above make Camshelving Premium an unbeatable product. Click here to figure out which type of Camshelving is best for your operation.


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