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Cambro Manufacturing Debuts Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy S-Series

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Change the way you store, transport and maneuver plates with Cambro’s new Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy S-Series. Ideal for small and large venues, the Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy offers a smaller footprint without compromising performance or storage capacity. Designed with a one-piece molded body made of highly durable polyethylene, this caddy won’t rust, crack or dent.

Compact DishCaddy App 3The Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy maximizes performance without taking up extra space thanks to a smooth surface, rounded corners and an ergonomic design. The caddy has open sides with two molded-in top handles and recessed handles on all four sides. Hidden handles and all swivel casters speed up loading and unloading and make it easier to move in and out of tight storage areas. In addition, the Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy’s size and uncompromised capacity allow operators the option to store more caddies and dishes in the same space or keep the same quantity of storage and utilize freed up, valuable space for other uses.

“My first thought was…how Cambro did it again by keeping the essential versatility of the configuration aspect of the dish caddy but made it smaller and amazingly easy to maneuver, making it a  must for any culinary operation,” said Ben LaFleche, Executive Chef at the Hilton Hotel in Huntington Beach, Calif.

To change the size of the Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy’s compartments, simply lift the lever from top, slide tower and lock into place. When lock has been set, dishes are kept secure for storage or transport.  The Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy can hold 45 to 70 dishes per stack depending on the size of the dishes. Keep in mind, the Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy is made for round dishes sized 45⁄8″ to 12″ (11,7 to 30,5 cm) only. This caddy cannot be used to store square, rectangular or oval plates.

The Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy’s smooth surface and rounded corners make it easy to clean, and a vinyl cover is included for use during transport or long-term storage. This caddy is constructed with a load bearing capacity of 500 lbs. and four 5-inch zinc plated casters that are all swivel with brake and non-marking, highly durable TPE tread.

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About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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