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Cambro To Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Camshelving, Debut New Products at NRA 2019


Cambro Manufacturing will debut new products, celebrate the 20th anniversary of Camshelving and give exhibitors the chance to win a shelving makeover at the National Restaurant Association Show this month. Every year at NRA, Cambro exhibits innovative foodservice products to support food safety, efficiency and superior performance—and 2019 will be no different.

Featured new products coming soon include: High Heat Measuring Cups, Camshelving Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf, multicolored lids for Cam GoBox and Camshelving shelf rails for Basics Plus Series. Cambro’s High Heat Measuring Cups are the first of their kind in foodservice, made to withstand temperatures up to 375°F . Not only are they lightweight, these measuring cups won’t crack. The newest addition to the Cam GoBox family, multicolored lids for top loading units allow users to color-code specific boxes in order to easy identify what is inside.

Exhibitors will also have a chance to see some of Cambro’s most recently launched products, the Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy S-Series and Service Cart Pro. Other notable new products include: the Camshelving Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack, Ultimate #10 Can Rack and Elements Series Undercounter Units, GoBags, the Pro Cart Ultra and more.

While Cambro’s booth will feature some of the newest Camshelving innovations, there will be a celebration for the original product that makes it all possible. For 20 years, Camshelving has become a kitchen staple for organization, food safety and space maximization. Exhibitors will be able to join in on Cambro’s 20th Anniversary of Camshelving celebration by participating in the Camshelving Experience.

With help from the Cambro App, exhibitors will take a trip through Cambro’s Camshelving Experience to learn about all the features, accessories and additional products that have been derived from the original Camshelving. By participating in the Camshelving Experience, exhibitors will have a chance to win a shelving makeover for their walk-in, cooler, freezer or dry storage. Exhibitors are encouraged to download the Cambro App before arriving to the Cambro booth. Click here or visit to download.

For those not attending NRA, Cambro is giving everyone at home a chance to win too. Visit to play the online Camshelving Experience.

About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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