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Schools Increase Breakfast Participation with Hot-Holding Cam GoBox


Many schools across the country are looking to increase breakfast participation and ensure students receive their meals quickly. One way to serve students efficiently is to provide foods that can be transported and distributed to remote locations around the school rather than having students all walk to the cafeteria to stand in a standard serving line. Grab-N-Go setups have helped many schools accomplish a better, easier and more successful breakfast service.

GoBoxLocation isn’t the only thing driving successful Grab-N-Go breakfast programs. The types of food schools serve is extremely important to encourage students participate. If the food isn’t interesting to kids, they won’t buy it. Windsor Public Schools in Windsor, Conn., decided to try expanding their Grab-N-Go menu options to include hot meals, hoping to increase student participation. One challenge they ran into was how to keep food hot while it was being transported to different wings of their middle schools.

Dana Plant, Windsor Public Schools Foodservice Director, has worked for the district for 25 years and oversees their PreK-12 school system of more than 4700 students. She brought Cambro’s GoBoxes into their middle schools to see if they could help.

“We are using Cambro Cam GoBoxes to hold hot breakfast and the students love it. We started doing breakfast at a remote location on the second-floor wing where all the 6th graders are. It is the furthest most point away from the cafeteria and it was definitely an obstacle for the 6th graders to go to the cafe, get breakfast, eat breakfast and be in home room by the time the bell went off,” said Plant.

“The Cam GoBoxes were actually instrumental…because we originally were only going to do cold breakfast, but then [we were] able to serve hot food in these boxes.”

Cam GoBoxes are a superior solution to hot or cold temperature retention issues. GoBoxes are made to keep foods at ideal temperatures for at least for hours. Thanks to their lightweight design, GoBoxes are easy to transport across campus or to satellite locations.

Cambro’s GoBoxes are an affordable Grab-N -Go option that takes up a small amount of space. For more information, contact your Cambro rep.




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