Product Tools to Utilize on the Cambro App


The Cambro App is a treasure trove of tools, information and—actual treasure! We are proud to offer a large variety of products ranging in different sizes, but it can be difficult for you to decide what will work best with your needs. To remedy that, we have several tools on the Cambro App to help you choose the correct products in the correct sizes.

  1. Tools of the trays

Personalize a Tray: One of the best features about Cambro is the option to personalize a variety of products. The most commonly personalized product are trays. Not only are they functional, trays can be used to promote your business and boost your brand. If you’re not sure how your idea would look on a tray, try our Personalize a Tray tool. Available in four tray shapes, easily see a mock-up of your tray design idea within minutes. Afterward, request a quote to get started.

Tray Selector: Not sure what tray you want in general? Cambro offers many shapes, sizes and textures that are best for each sector of the foodservice industry. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a foodservice director in healthcare, we have a tray for you. After answering a few questions, you’ll be directed to the best trays for your business and all of the different designs associated with it.

  1. Build your ideal insulated transport


First get some background on our most popular insulated transport models by reading our blog: How to Choose the Right Cambro Insulated Transport. Insulated Transport units are some of the most recognizable Cambro products on the market. Our Build-a-Transporter Tool asks questions about the temperature of the food you’re transporting, how you’re holding it and how big of a unit you’re looking for to find the best model for your operation.

  1. Design your delivery

To-Go Container Solution: If you already have your to-go containers, find the perfect Cambro GoBag or GoBox to transport them. Our To-Go Container tool allows you to select your container, food pan or input custom dimensions to calculate how many containers of that size will fit inside each type of GoBag and GoBox. Transport products work best when they are filled properly. PizzaBagSelectorOur tool ensures you order the product that will best support and encourage a successful delivery operation.

Pizza GoBag Selector: No restaurant makes the exact same size pizzas. Simply choose the size of your pizzas and our tool will tell you which bags will fit your boxes and how many you can fit inside. Cambro Pizza GoBags hold between two to 10 pizzas depending on the size of your pizza boxes. Keep your pizza hot and the cheese where it’s supposed to be when you choose the right Pizza GoBag.

  1. Keep fruits & vegetables fresher

Freshness Contained: Select a fruit or vegetable from the list to see the best temperature and Cambro product to use for storage. When using these temperature and container suggestions, produce is more likely to stay fresh for an extended period of time. Are we missing a fruit or vegetable you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Join the winner’s circle

Trivia Challenge: Every Monday, a new question pertaining to a Cambro product is added to our Trivia Challenge. Choose the right answer and you’ll be entered to win a Cambro product prize pack. You can’t win if you don’t play!

  1. Save money where it counts

Kids Cup Calculator: Looking to save money without compromising quality? Cambro Kids Cups and Disposable Lids allow you to save money while making a statement. Eliminate the need to constantly purchase more single-use cups by switching to Cambro Kids Cups. Our Kids Cup Calculator allows you to see how much money your operation can potentially save.

  1. Find the right fit

FitFactoryFit Factory: Choose between food pans, tumblers, storage and healthcare products to find the best fit for your kitchen needs. Visually compare different sizes of each product to ensure your kitchen is properly stocked. This tool is especially useful before making purchases online.

Camrack Selector: Camracks come in multiple sizes for different kinds of glassware and dishware. To find out how many Camracks you need for your operation, choose between glasses and cups and then input their dimensions and the quantity you have to wash. This tool identifies the exact model you need to specify when ordering Camracks to keep up with the service at your operation.

  1. Listen Up

Cambro Eats: Listen to industry leaders talk about their journey to success and anecdotes unique to those experiences on our podcast, Cambro Eats. Learn about different aspects of the foodservice industry from executive chefs to restauranteurs.

Shelving Assembly Videos: Putting together Camshelving is easy, but seeing it firsthand always helps. To make Camshelving assembly even easier, we’ve recorded videos to accompany the manual you receive. Keep these videos nearby during installation to help answer any questions that may come up during the process.

Find all of these tools and more on the Cambro App now! Click here to download the Cambro App.


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