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How to Choose the Right Cambro Insulated Transport


Cambro’s large selection of insulated transport products has been used by caterers, hotels, schools and colleges, military units and disaster relief agencies for nearly half a century. Unmatched durability, performance and reliability have made Cambro the brand of choice in every sector of the foodservice industry. You’ve likely seen many different Cambro insulated transport units at food events and on social media, but it can be difficult to decide which model is the best for you. We explain the differences between our insulated transport units that are most popular in catering and delivery and their best uses:

  1. Cam GoBox

Cambro insulated transport products have earned a reputation for providing food quality and food safety. Cam GoBoxes were designed to uphold this standard while lightening the load for employees. Made with a high-tech expanded polypropylene material (EPP),  each Cam Go Box offers affordability, speed and durability.

  • GoBox EPP400 photo cred @cheftimkilcoyneTop Loader: Cam GoBox Top Loaders are best for delivering individual meals, getting started in the delivery business, holding hot or cold foods for take-out and catering applications. Loading from the top gives you the freedom to transport bags, to-go containers and smaller food pans. Top loaders are also able to hold both half-size and full-size food pans; this application works best for when you’re dropping off pans of food rather than continuous service.
  • Front Loader: Cam GoBox Front Loaders are a favorite among caterers. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned veteran, GoBox Front Loaders allow you to safely hold food at the ideal temperature in a carrier that adds next-to-nothing to the weight of the load. The door on the front allows easy access to food pans sitting on rails inside the unit.

“If I just have a small amount of meat, I use the GoBox at home. It’s easier for me to load when I’m by myself since it’s lightweight,” said Roxanne Zaro, self-described Queen of BBQ.

  1. Hard-Sided Insulated Transport

Cambro’s hard-sided insulated transport units are built with a tough polyethylene or polypropylene exterior to endure the elements and years of use. If you have a rough and tumble crew, these are for you. These carriers keep food at the ideal temperature for at least four hours, and they last and last and last.

  • Top Loader: Hard-sided top loaders are ideal for holding, transporting and serving multiple sizes of food pans containing hot or cold food. Molded-in handles make it easier to carry units from your vehicle to serving areas.

BONUS: A CamHack we’ve seen many times, Top Loading Carriers are often used as an ingredient or topping station.

  • Front Loader: When trying to choose the right front loader, consider how much food you will be transporting and how the food will be contained. The fuller the unit is, the better it will hold temperature. When transporting primarily smaller amounts of food in food pans, your best bet is the UPC300 or Combo Carrier. Not only are they extremely reliable, but they fit in almost any vehicle. If you’re looking for the option of transporting a variety of sheet pans, trays or food pans, the Camcarrier is perfect for you. The unit is still compact and easily stacks one on top of the other.

For transporting larger amounts of food, we suggest the S-Series or UPC400. Both units have a single nylon latch that offers fast and secure access to food while keeping it hot for at least four hours. Take advantage of the integrated pan staging area on top of the units for easy serving. Additionally, the S-Series features a menu clip on the front of the unit for easy labeling.

Celebrity Personal Chef Ameer Natson has both the Cam GoBox Front Loader and the UPC300. “I use my GoBox when I am traveling long distances and also when I have a large amount of food. The GoBox [EPP400] maintains the food’s temperature and can hold twice as much food [as the UPC300], ” said Natson. He chooses his smaller UPC300 when delivering personal meals and smaller portions to clients.

UPC300 photo cred @tshelburn

  1. Electric

We have a variety of electric food transport carts to accommodate your food containers and the size of your catering order. The UPCH400 is most often compared to our non-electric insulated transport units because of its similarities in design and size. The UPCH400 is ideal for when you need to hold hot food for more than 4 hours or if you need to frequently access food to replenish your dishes. Designed with energy-efficient heaters on the door, food stays hot and safe for as long as needed and resets to safe temps within three minutes.

“The electric [UPCH400] is used for briskets that need to hold for longer than four hours,” said pitmaster Chris Sussman.

We are proud that all of our electric heated carriers and carts have earned the ENERGY STAR®, which makes them a gift that keeps on giving. Not only are purchases of these models eligible for rebates in many areas, but they also help keep energy consumption and operating costs down over years of use.

UPCH400 photo cred @the_bbq_buddha

Still not sure? Use our Build-A-Transporter tool on the Cambro App or contact your local Cambro rep.


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