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Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Patient Satisfaction Scores

One of the biggest opportunities hospitals have is in the kitchen. Make your commitment to patient satisfaction evident in every meal service. In recent years, meals at hospitals have become increasingly better, and patients are starting to expect more than ever before. Surpass patients’ expectations by creating an experience that will bring a bright spot in an otherwise difficult time in their life. We have three sure-fire ways to boost patient satisfaction scores:

  1. Serve Food Hot

Camduction Female 4

There’s nothing worse than receiving your food and realizing it has gone cold. Double that disappointment when you’re sitting in a hospital bed not feeling well. Hospital chefs are putting in hard work to change the stigma of hospital meals—don’t let it go to waste! With Cambro’s Camduction Complete Heat System, food has been proven to stay hot for 45 minutes. Bases are heated within 4 to 6 minutes, topped with a heated plate, covered with a Cambro insulated dome and sent out for service. The exterior remains cool to the touch while the inside maintains the ideal temperature. Patients will be thrilled by how hot their meal is upon delivery.

  1. Appearances Are Everything

DOMESTIC TRAY-REUSE LID -9Give your patients the right impression before they’ve taken the cover off their meal. Receiving a tray with mismatched bowls and a crumpled mat doesn’t give patients much confidence in the meal to come. Ensuring you have an aesthetically pleasing tray-top gives patients the feeling of professionality and cleanliness. First, if you haven’t already, ditch the tray mat! Cambro’s non-skid trays keep items securely in place. Operations that use Cambro’s non-skid trays save thousands of dollars a year and reduce waste. Click here to see how much your operation could save. Cambro has two tray top collections available in multiple colors. Train employees to arrange trays so that they all look the same. Each time a patient receives a meal, they’ll know exactly where to expect their drink, side and dessert to be found.

  1. Keep Equipment Bacteria-Free

Dome Drying Rack 1 HD

Healthy patients are happy patients. When working in a hospital environment, it is important to minimize the risk of harmful bacteria in every way possible. Keep bacteria out of the kitchen by drying equipment properly. When you lack the space and tools to dry your equipment, it can be tempting to stack dishes before they’re completely dry. This food safety faux-pas, also known as wet-nesting, can prevent items from fully drying and create an environment where microorganisms can grow. Cambro’s healthcare drying racks allow operators to dry a variety of items without taking up a lot of space. Racks can be fitted with slotted or angled drying inserts to give any item enough room to dry properly. As with all Cambro’s Camshelving, there is a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on posts and traverses.

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