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4 Products that Belong in Every Pizzeria

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Pizza is essentially the sixth food group at this point. People love their pizza and you want to keep them coming back for more. Using the right products keeps your operation running smoothly and is essential to keeping your customers happy. From the kitchen to during transport, Cambro has the necessities for your pizzeria:

  1. Dough Boxes

Dough boxes are extremely important to the pizza making process. Protect your dough from contamination and keep it fresh with Cambro’s dough boxes and lids. These boxes allow you to use all your available refrigeration space by stacking the interlocking boxes on top of each other. Dough boxes provide the ideal conditions for dough to rise and rest, enabling the proofing process to complete successfully. Don’t compromise the taste and feel of your dough by using anything else.

  1. Shakers

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Camwear shakers are a pizzeria classic seen in kitchens, dining tables and self-serve stations everywhere. Can you call yourself a real pizzeria if you don’t have parmesan and red pepper flakes at the ready? (The answer is no.) Keep condiments easily accessible and visible with color-coded, varied lids to keep toppings from going awry. Clear and virtually unbreakable Camwear ensures a dropped shaker won’t explode into a mess of broken glass.

  1. Delivery Bags

Keeping your pizza fresh during delivery is a must. No one knows that better than the pizza delivery bag OG herself, Ingrid Kosar. She invented the insulated pizza delivery bag and secured the patent in 1984. Cambro purchased the original Thermal Bag by Ingrid earlier this year and is happy to have such an iconic invention in the Cambro family. In addition to the original pizza bag, Cambro offers pizza bags with room for up to 10 pizzas at a time. Talk about a pizza party we’d like to be invited to! Although the pizza is the main event, don’t forget the supporting acts like salads and sodas. Smaller Delivery GoBags keep these menu items cold and safe during transport.

Not sure which bag your operation needs? Use Cambro’s Pizza GoBag Selector to find the right size for you.

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  1. Camwear CamSquares and Rounds

Cambro CamSquares and rounds are perfect for holding ingredients and sauces. The clear material keeps items visible and decreases the handling usually associated with lifting foil or lids to check what is inside or how much product is left. CamSquares make transferring and storing liquids very easy thanks to their shape. After securing your container’s top with one of Cambro’s variety of lids, efficiently stack them on top of each other. Rounds are ideal for mixing any sauces or liquids used in your kitchen. The round shape allows you to stir evenly without worrying about running into corners.

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Use these four products to keep your pizzeria bustling with business all year long. Ready to place your order? Contact your Cambro rep for more information.



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