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5 Products Every Caterer Needs for Fall Events

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Autumn is upon us and that means catering menus and venues will change along with the weather. Keep your catering operation running smoothly and successfully with a few of Cambro’s tried and true products, and some newer items that will positively impact your business. Professionality and adaptability are crucial in satisfying current customers and securing new ones. We outline five products your catering operation needs for events this Fall:

  1. Raise a Drink to the CamBar

One of the focal points of every party is the bar. If your venue doesn’t have a built-in bar, create your own with Cambro’s CamBars. Much more professional than a foldable table, the CamBar allows you to create a special beverage experience. There are three sizes available; each size has three system options: economy for bottle and can service and partial or complete soda guns for pre-mix or post-mix. All CamBars are lightweight, waterproof and durable. They won’t chip, dent, rust or crack. Slinging cocktails behind Cambro’s CamBar instantly elevates your beverage service and keeps alcohol, mixers and ice managed and organized.


  1. Hold Hot and Cold in One Cart

Keep cold and warm dishes all in the same food transport cart with Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra. Big catering events call for big support. The Pro Cart Ultra keeps food hot or cold and holds it at safe temperatures for at least four hours—even when unplugged. With room for food pans, sheet pans, trays and large pizza boxes, there are few containers this cart can’t handle! Heavy duty casters handle weight and easily roll from truck to venue. When it comes to insulated transport, the Pro Cart Ultra can truly do it all.

  1. Transition to Lightweight Carriers

For smaller events, travel light with Cambro’s GoBoxes. These lightweight transporters have enough room for full size food pans and a Camwarmer or Camchiller, if necessary. The inner-stacking design allows multiple boxes to be stacked on top of a Camdolly and easily moved from vehicles into the service area. Decrease handling and easily sort GoBoxes thanks to the plastic tag on the front of the box.

  1. Get Creative with Mini Dessert Glasses

In addition to serving sweet treats in mini dessert glasses, think outside the square to fill them up with seasonal appetizer items. Putting appetizers in something different than the usual plate or bowl instantly adds a fun element to your service. With mini dessert glasses, guests can easily sample butternut squash or baked potato soups while walking around and chatting with others. We also love the idea of putting dippable foods like mini shrimp cocktail or creamed spinach and artichokes with crudité inside the glasses.

  1. Warm Guests Up with the Camtainer

Fall drinks can’t be beat with Cambro’s Camtainer (or Ultra Camtainer). Transport Fall drinks like apple cider and mulled wine and keep them hot for at least four hours without electricity. On occasion, we’ve had reports of beverages still being hot the day afterward! The Camtainer is a great Cambro basic that every caterer should own. Beverages are a big part of catering and keeping them the correct temperature is a small, but imperative part of your overall service.

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From transporting to toasting, these 5 essential products will delight your staff and guests this holiday season. Which of these products would have the biggest impact for you this catering season – comment below.

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