How to Maintain Food Safety Standards During Delivery

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It is important to uphold food safety protocols whether food is being served inside or outside the kitchen. With the increase in food delivery demand, your restaurant must adapt to keep up and thrive. There are many chances for food safety to be compromised when food is being taken from the restaurant and delivered to the customer. Follow these suggestions to keep food safe and your delivery business booming:

  1. Use easy-to-clean delivery bags

Accidents happen, it’s inevitable. Sauce will spill, condiments will explode, but with Cambro’s line of delivery GoBags, none of that matters! Cambro’s delivery GoBags are made with nylon material that makes it easy to clean any food spills that may happen. Delivery bags that aren’t made of this material can absorb smells and put off an aroma that can sneak into food. Improperly cleaned delivery bags can harbor old liquids and lead to food contamination. Put your best foot forward with clean, sanitized bags every time.

  1. Order delivery-specific to-go containers

Not all to-go containers are created equal. Some foods need better insulation than others to keep them safe during transport. Ordering the right containers for the cuisine you serve is very important. Customers are much more likely to order delivery again after receiving piping hot food in the same condition as dine-in customers. Be especially careful with fried foods and liquid-based items; using the correct containers will prevent their oils from leaking through.

Pro Tip: Find the right delivery Cambro GoBag or GoBox for you with Cambro’s To-Go Container Solution. Input the size of your containers and how many you’re transporting to get your recommendation. With Cambro’s delivery products, heat stays in—food is kept safe while preserving its taste, flavor, texture and appearance.

  1. Assign specific staff to handle delivery orders

It may be tempting to pass off delivery responsibilities to existing positions, but designating a specific person each shift to delivery will ensure accountability and stability. A delivery customer’s worst nightmares include: realizing they were given the wrong food, missing cutlery or condiments and cold food. Having a designated to-go person helps keep orders consistent, accurate and reduces the chance of overhandling.

Having staff dedicated to delivery can also reduce the disruption of service to guests who are dining-in.

  1. Dedicated restaurant space to manage delivery

Shelving GoBags 3 HD.jpgSet aside a counter or storage space to take and put together delivery orders. Keeping delivery containers, supplies, condiments, cutlery, etc. all together will help the person in charge of the orders work efficiently. Delivery orders can be unpredictable. Some nights are slow, and some nights the phone is ringing off the hook. Be prepared for anything with efficient organization.

The Camshelving Flex Station is the perfect way to create a highly functional delivery prep station in a small footprint. Start with a Camshelving Premium framework and customize it with a combination of divider bars, food pans and boxes and flat shelf plates to keep delivery bags, to go packaging and condiments at close reach—a great way to optimize vertical space.

  1. Checking order MaleSafe holding prior to delivery

Safe holding of takeout and delivery items needs to be addressed as well. It’s a rare instance when a meal is prepared and instantly sent out for delivery. It usually sits for a bit – usually on a counter, at room temperature. Cambro GoBoxes are an ideal solution – insulated and portable enough to be placed on or under a counter on a dolly or cart.

Bonus: Consider creating a delivery menu specifically for items that hold up well during delivery or transit. These items would be a great suggestion for customers traveling a large distance or in place of regular menu items that would not serve well outside the restaurant.

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