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Non-Profit Lunch On Me Reduces Food Waste While Helping the Homeless


Cambro is proud to support the foodservice industry. We extend that support to organizations that nourish our communities through our Cambro Cares initiative. Recently, Cambro was happy to work with non-profit Lunch On Me to help them reach more of Los Angeles’ homeless community. Lunch On Me reduces food waste by taking would-be thrown away organic food and creating delicious, healthy meals for the homeless. We talked to LaRayia Gaston, executive director and founder of Lunch On Me, about her organization and how we’ve been able to help:

  1. Why did you start Lunch On Me?

Lunch On Me was created to give everyone an opportunity to have healthy, nutritious meals. We believe fresh foods are a right, not a privilege.

Not only do we offer organic food, but we also offer holistic healing, from yoga, reiki, breath work. We are not government funded, we are a grass roots nonprofit that distributes 10,000 meals a day!

  1. You recently had a Back-to-School event, tell us about it:

Saturday was incredible! We fed 250 children and 100 adults fresh, organic plant-based foods.

  1. How do Cambro products help make your job easier?

The reason Cambro is so vital, we are cooking for hundreds of people a day. From prepping to assembling things, we always need Cambro to make food prepping more possible.

  1. What is your favorite Cambro product?

My favorite Cambro product is the clear CamSquares! We use those the most!!!!

Listen to our Cambro Eats podcast with the founder of Lunch On Me:

For just $3 Lunch On Me is able to feed someone in need a three-course organic meal. If you’d like to help, visit:

For more info on Cambro Cares, please visit


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