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Hospitals Grow Retail Foodservice with Vending Carts


Retail meals continue to play a major role in hospital foodservice. According to FoodService Director’s most recent Healthcare Census Report, 69 percent of respondents said the retail portion of their operation had grown within two years and 60 percent expected an increase in transactions beyond lunch over the following two years.

As more customers visit the hospital cafeteria, foodservice operators will need to address how to manage increased demand. One way to accommodate this change without a drastic renovation is to simply displace customers to other areas of the hospital besides the cafeteria. Cambro’s Camcruiser or CamKiosk mobile vending carts can be an advantageous option for multiple reasons:

Location, Location, Location

Customers no longer have to wander around looking for the cafeteria. Vending carts have the mobility to be placed anywhere inside or outside the hospital building. Position them in high traffic areas for optimal convenience and success. If one floor is busier at different times than another, simply move the cart where it will be most effective. Customizable counter space allows for meal versatility and a variety of display options.

Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Fla., found immense success with Cambro’s CamKiosk by designating it as a made-to-order deli sandwich station. Customers could choose from a variety of fillings and condiments without having to step foot inside the cafeteria.

“We needed a satellite area because we are so busy in the servery and we didn’t have any place to make sandwiches,” says Pamela Kelber, assistant director of food and nutrition at the 300-bed hospital.

CamKiosk Hand Sink Cart Location

Reduce the Wait

Whether you’re looking to make more room inside the cafeteria, or to create an additional area to serve, vending carts expand serving options and capabilities. By removing Grab-N-Go pre-packaged meals, snacks and beverages from the cafeteria, customers can easily and quickly get what they need from various places in the hospital. When someone is visiting the hospital to see an ill family member or to support a friend who has had surgery, the last thing they want is to be stuck in line waiting for food. Adding vending carts can increase volume while simultaneously providing short wait times in all foodservice areas.

Keep It Safe

CamKiosk Camchiller GN half OpenDoor

The Camcruiser  and CamKiosk both safely hold cold or hot foods and beverages for extended periods of time. Insulated compartments hold foods at optimal, safe temperatures for up to four hours. One reason Flagler Hospital was able to be so successful with their made-to-order sandwich station is that the ingredients were kept at safe temperatures throughout service. Thanks to the five insulated wells of the CamKiosk, sliced meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and condiments are kept safely chilled throughout service. Top and bottom sneeze guards keep customers distanced from where food is being prepared, decreasing the chance of cross-contamination.

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