Turning Up the Heat!

Main ImageWe are radiating with excitement to share that we have upgraded the performance and functionality of our popular High Heat Food Pans! We have brought back our H-Pan amber food pans so now all pans in this product category are rated at a temperature of 375°F (190°C)!


While the overall application remains the same, the new material improvement, aesthetics and functionality will further facilitate ease of use for foodservice operators looking to safely and effectively, cook, hot/hold, steam and bake food products using one single food pan throughout various applications.

H-Pan High Heat Food Pans

Through extensive research and testing of this new material in various High Heat applications, including power soak testing it has been determined that this product performs better, has the highest impact resistance and offers more longevity than any other material offered for this type of application.


There’s a Food Pan for Your Application

Cambro offers more than 250 food pan options in a range of sizes, designs, colors and materials with lids to support virtually any application. With so many possibilities, you’ll want to consider assessing your food preparation and service flow to help you identify the best product for your application.


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About the Author: Patricia Guerrero is the Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Cambro.

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