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Before & After the Install: SeaLegs at the Beach

“Before and After the Install” is a new series highlighting shelving installations in a variety of foodservice operations. Find the previous articles in the series here and here.

MainImage - sealegs


SeaLegs at the Beach is a concession stand like you’ve never seen before. Located within Bolsa Chica State Beach in Orange County, CA, SeaLegs serves a modern menu of tacos, salads and poke, plus wine, beer and cocktails to people enjoying some fun and sun.

Concessions Manager Dougie Craig oversees SeaLegs’ four bars and the full-service kitchen, built from a renovated concession stand, so he’s used to working with very limited space. Their walk-in cooler connects the front bar to the back of house, so it gets a lot of traffic and has limited storage space for scaling up as their customer base swells. The epoxy-coated wire shelving they were using could not hold the entire inventory of food and beverages needed each week.


Kevin Stegall and Justin Larsen from Roadrunner Installation Services and The Fischer Group installed Camshelving® Premium Series shelving in SeaLeg’s walk-in recently. Craig was instantly impressed with the difference: “It’s been amazing,” he says. “Everything is on shelves. It’s all organized. It’s all labeled – it’s beautiful.”

The U-shaped design with shared posts created more storage space in the corners that they didn’t have before. For the first time, staff could put away the entire wine order inside the cooler. “When we picked up all the space in the corners, that’s probably where I can fit all these extra cases of wine,” Craig says. “All of a sudden, you’re maximizing the space instead of having this dead corner. That’s five or six square feet straight up and down that’s now being utilized and wasn’t before.”

To find the best Camshelving solution for your foodservice operation, visit or contact your local sales rep.


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